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What is Drake looking for in the first uncharted?
What explorer was one of the main factors in the second uncharted?
What is the name of Drake's old fling?
What is Drake accused of being a lot by his allies?
What happens to Elena's cameraman Jeff?
What county does Drake go to to find the location of Shambhala?
Who is the main enemy in the first uncharted?
What part of China does Drake travel to in the second uncharted?
What color is Eddy Raja's gun in uncharted 1?
What is Elena's occupation?
Who does Drake meet right away in Tibet?
What is the real treasure of Shambhala?
How does Harry Flynn die in uncharted 2?
Who is the explorer Drake meets in Tibet in uncharted 2?
What is the believed treasure of Shambhala?
What kind of dagger is the dagger that Drake found in Borneo
When Drake falls into the trap with Chloe in uncharted 2, Drake claims he hates...
What does Drake rate his fear over Elena's death out of 10
What does he rate 10 on his fears?

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