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Can you name the questions below you and see if you are a god of war master?

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Who is Kratos' love interest in the third part?
What was Kratos' trying to find in the first part?
What God does Kratos' kill first in the third part?
Name two of the three sisters of fate in the second part.
What creature does Kratos kiss in the first god of war in pandora's temple?
How does Kratos kill Helios in the third god of war?
Why is Kratos called the ghost of sparta?
What god or goddess gives Kratos the Blades of Exile?
What do we learn about Kratos at the very end of god of war 2?
What army did Kratos' army almost lose to in the first part?
What were the blades that Kratos used in the fist game called?
What weapon does Zeus give Kratos to trick him in the second game?
What Titan revives Kratos in the second game?
What legendary figure with wings does Kratos kill in the second game?
What Titan does Kratos kill in the third game in the underworld?
What weapon does Kratos get from Hepheastus in part 3?
Who is the only god that is not in part 2 and 3?

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