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Term used to describe political parties, due to them connecting citizens to government.
Groups which seek to influence public policy
HUGE Interest group which seeks to influence policy related to gun rights
Committee which donates money to political parties and candidates
Money amount limit that a PAC can donate to a candidate in one election
First era that saw the growth of Interest groups
Primaries in which voters do not need to be registered with a party.
Paid television advertisement(often used by presidential candidates)
Ad on news or social media
The elections in which voter turnout is higher
Elections which create big changes in the political system
Process of shaping districts to benefit one political party over the other in elections
Political parties that adhere to a certain set of beliefs
Political party which uses social media the most
Political issues which are generally agreed on but argued on basis of who will take care of them better.
Ideological party devoted to environmentalism
Primaries in which voters have to be registered with a party.
Group of voters who are motivated to vote in particular by certain issues
Term to describe people deeply involved in politics
A party created as a result of a splits in major parties
A small party which focuses on a single issue
A party that protests against economic conditions
Meeting of party followers where party delegates are selected
The way in which interest groups influence government by putting pressure on individual government members
Term used to describe someone who is not registered with a specific party
Going to court as an attempt to influence lawmaking decisions
Fake grassroots lobbying attempts
Political group where a leader creates votes by bribing
Formed when 2 or more parties come together
Financial contributions that are not directly made to candidates
A number used to describe a type of organization which indirectly supports a candidate
Issues which are subject to huge disagreement and separation between a population
Coalition in made in the 1980's mostly of blue collar workers
Factional party which calls for return to classical liberalism
A signal given to a candidate

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