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Who is the creator of PAMA?
Which main character dies whilst destroying the Wither Storm?
Which episode features 5 youtubers?
What does the Wither Storm follow?
Who is the White Pumpkin in Episode 6?
What is at the center of the Wither Storm?
Which episode do you go to the End in?
Who goes with you to Harper's Lab?
What did the Order of the Stone say they killed?
What is the first enslaved mob you come across?
Who do you play as?
What is the White Pumpkin's Weapon?
Who does Ivor scam in a deal?
Who is the villian in Episode 5?
What is the episode in which you get locked in a room called?
What does PAMA stand for?
Who stole the enchanted Flint and Steel from DanTDM?
What is Jesse's favourite food?
What is in the hallway?
Who's bottom gets set on fire in the hallway?
What do you have to go through to get to Ivor's lab?
Which youtuber was killed by suffoation?
Who took the Elixir from Ivor's base?
What colour is Jesse's enchanted Flint and Steel?
What colour is DanTDM's enchanted Flint and Steel?
What tool material do you use to defeat the Wither Storm?
What is the firat thing Stampy says?
Who is the Eversource?
Who is the ruler of Boom Town?
Who is the ruler of Redstonia?
What animal gets stuck on Jesse's head in the hallway?
Which Order of the Stone member was at EnderCon?
Who was the original owner of the Green enchanted Flint and Steel?
What is the name of the 1st Episode?
Who is most likely to get killed by spider in Episode 6?
Who gets stabbed with poison tipepd arrows?
Who is the youtuber who wants to know what happened to TorqueDawg's stuff once dead?
Which episode is the Wither Storm's last appearance?
What does the Zombie give to Reuben?
Which episode features PAMA?
Who is the leader of the Order of the Stone?
What mob does Soren observe closely?
Which mob does Axel represent?
Which place is on a zombie-filled land?
What does Aiden rename the Ocelots?
Which episode is on a Sky Island
What is the name of the villian in Episode 6?
What is the colour of the portal in Episode 7?
What's the last episode?
What is the name of your redstone-obsessed friend?
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