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Order member, one real eyeA
Attack of ____ & Fleur's WeddingB
Torture CurseC
Avada Kedavra is _____ CurseD
Disarming SpellE
Twin that diesF
One of Draco's menG
_____ Potter, the boy who livedH
Takes total control of victim, ________ CurseI
The Twins own a ____ ShopJ
Sirius Black's servant K
'It's _______, not _______'L
Tom _______ RiddleM
'Don't call me ___________'N
Wand makerO
Wormtail, Peter _________P
Teacher that dies in th 1st movieQ
Hagrid's First NameR
Dumbledore's MurdererS
Name of Draco's ActorT
Headmaster of Hogwarts in 5th movieU
Mr. ______ DursleyV
Weapons in the Magic WorldW
Luna Lovegood's DadX
Ball in Goblet of FireY
'Because You-Know-Who's back, you tosspot' Ron says to ________Z

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