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Anagram of Actor's NameUnscrambled NameHINTS
Llama Cake LynchK M (4,10) [Desperate Housewives, Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks]
Sea WiryR W (3, 4) [Reaper, Twin Peaks, Swamp Thing]
Braid Do FurB D (4, 6) [One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Child's Play]
Cable Chat TentC B (4, 9) [The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Notes on a Scandal]
Antenna Intro QuitQ T (7, 9) [From Dusk Till Dawn, Reservoir Dogs]
Eel Sperm TryM S (5, 6) [Doubt, Angels In America]
Stated VibeB D (5, 5) [Jezebel, Of Human Bondage]
Piranha Beret HunkK H (9, 7) [Bringing Up Baby, Suddenly Last Summer]
Yeti FanT F (4, 3) [30 Rock, Mean Girls]
Glaucoma ShieldM D (7, 7) [Wall Street, Wonderboys]
Coach JunksJ C (4, 6) [Identity, Hot Tub Time Machine]
Nasty CuticleS T (7, 5) [Easy A, The Terminal]
Viva Chill MojoM J (5, 8) [Zoolander, Kuffs]
Machinery AlliesS M (7, 8) [The Children's Hour, Two Mules For Sister Sara]
Mamma RehireA H (5, 6) [Reaper, The Social Network]
Kneecaps IvyK S (5, 6) [Se7en, American Beauty]
A Lawmen PunP N (4, 6) [Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Hud]
Enamel IonsL N (4, 6) [Taken, Schindler's List]
Terminated RimD M (7, 6) [Taking Woodstock, Contagion]
Slipcover GrinC G (7, 6) [Willard, Alice In Wonderland]

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