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Can you name the word that begins with the last three letters of the previous answer?

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Funds put in the care of a third party
Co-host of Laugh-In
Reckless or Undisciplined
Goes so well with lime and gin
A creed for Christians
Rigorous or forceful
She's got one to ride, according to the Beatles
Something Ringo might play
He can spin flax into gold
A bright colored bird with a short tail
He was forced to complete twelve labors
Maseru is its capital and largest city
A machine gun or a U.S. gonzo journalist
Used by submarines and fisherman alike
An arctic cetacean
He had only one life to give for his country (U.S.)
King of Macedonia known for empire building
Jennifer Lopez is know for her wonderful one
You go through this to get to Hades
A London street musician or performer

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