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Can you name the phrase that completes the Get Smart catchphrase?

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The old drug his prunes, fake the fight, ransack the apartment and switch places with the _____ trick.Return of the Ancient Mariner
The old time bomb in the _____ trick.Smart the Assassin
The old _____ patty-cake trick.The Little Black Book
The old ______ in the dog suit trick.Aboard the Orient Express
The old check the baggage, take out the insurance, page ‘em to the phone, spin the ___ trick.The Not-so-Great Escape
The old bomb in the _____ truck trick.Where-What-How-Who Am I?
The old secret supply room in the ____ ____ trick.Valerie of the Dolls
The old __________ in the keyhole trick.Diplomat's Daughter
The old double door _____ trick.Impossible Mission
The old gas bomb in the _____ trick.The Decoy
The old Maxwell Smart silhoutte on the ___ _____ trick.The Little Black Book
The old ___ in the rug trick.The Groovy Guru
The old bomb in the ____ ____ box trick.Witness for the Execution
The old _____ in the peg leg trick.Ship of Spies
The old _____ in the gun in the rabbit trick.A Spy for a Spy
The old ______ in the mortar trick.Is This Trip Necessary?
The old fake _____ on the fire escape trick.Apes of Rath
The old tiny tape recorder in the ____ trick.Dr. Yes
The old gun in the maestro's _____ trick.The Little Black Book
The old gas mask in the ___ _____ trick.How to Succeed in the Spy Business Without Really Trying
The old ____ in the hammer trick.Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho
The old _____ neck trick.Casablanca
The old ____ in the drapes trick.Maxwell Smart, Private Eye
The old long playing, high frequency, ultrasonic, stereophonic, strike the ____ against the sounding board trick.Spy, Spy Birdie
The old Professor Peter Peckinpah all purpose anti-personnel Peckinpah pocket pistol under the _____ trick.Smartacus

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