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Ocean Cracker2003
The Tiny Ocean Nymph1989
Crush Falsehood1994
Beast's Hoedown2001
Phrases of Affection1983
Hunched Large Feline, Unseen Mythical Flying Creature2000
Smooch of the Arachnid Female1985
The Island in the Mediterranean's Bird of Prey1941
Abscond From Sin City1995
To Capture a Burglar1955
The Horrifying Dream Occuring Earlier Than the Birth of Jesus1993
Boogies Alongside Lady Killers1990
The Windy City2002
The Large Freeze1983
Acquire Intelligence2008
The Pachyderm Male1980
Cutlass Jogger1982
February 2nd in U.S.1993
Horrible Current Information Ursidaes2005/1976
Individual Soars Above The European Bird's Home1975
The Disorganized Medical Attendant1964
The Totality of Those Who Work for the Leader of the United States1976
Elevated Phobia1977
Automobile Cleaning1979
Experiences of Brutality2005

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