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New York Mets.....Mr. Big
Camptown ladies sing this songThe Mummy
Pussycat, pussycat where have you been?One of Our Olives is Missing/Ironhand
Is the wind fair to Java?Back to the Old Drawing Board
The geese fly highDouble Agent
When I'm calling you.Ice Station Siegfried
The fuscia fox fell fifty fathoms...The Mysterious Dr. T
The wingless dove protects its nestToo Many Chiefs
A wet duck flies only at midnight.The Reluctant Redhead
Hi there.I Shot 86 Today
I lost my dinghy.Age Before Duty
When the moon is full....School Days
The blue sun melts the red snowBack to the Old Drawing Board
I wish I were in the land of cottonThe Spy Who Met Himself
Ricardo Montalban....Viva Smart
The migrating birds fly low over the seaToo Many Chiefs
The Grateful Dead are alive and living in Beverly Hills.The Groovy Guru
Johnny Doughboy found a rose in IrelandHouse of Max
ApplesToo Many Chiefs
Who wrote Little Women?Return of the Ancient Mariner
Herb Alpert takes trumpet lessons from...Viva Smart

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