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AAgent who is really Chucko the ape
BLarabee's wife
CHead of the CONTROL Lab
DKAOS' Number One Assassin
EA CONTROL agent & castanet expert
FNeighbors of the Smarts and part-time KAOS agents
GIndestructible KAOS robot
HCommander of British CONTROL
IDon't tell me you need an answer
JOwner of Jericho Construction
KHead of ACB
LWho wrote Little Women?
MScientist who turned maps into liquid
NDirector of the most GS episodes
OFemme fatale robot and Hymie's love
PAnother head of the CONTROL Lab
QThis was his former agent number
RHe created Hymie
SSiegfried's Assistant
TYoung genius inventor for CONTROL
UThe English version of the Cone of Silence
VThe location of the hold button for Max's shoe
WHe hypnotizes Max into stealing for him
XTransmits info to KAOS via an olive
YEvil scientist with extremely long fingernails
ZAssistant to the Maestro

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