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What is my favourite colour?
When is my birthday? - eg. 1st January 1111
What is my sibling called?
What stresses me out the most out of these? - a) Meeting new people, b) Taking a test, c) Giving a presentation, or d) Neither
Am I pessimistic or optimistic?
Am I a cat or a dog person?
What is my middle name?
Am I superstitious?
How many languages do I know?
Have I ever broken anything in my body?
Do I prefer chemistry, biology or physics?
What primary school did I go to?
QuestionAnswerExtra Info
Am I a saver or a spender?
How tall am I? - 5ft, 5ft 1', 5ft 2', 5ft 3', 5ft 4', 5ft 5', or 5ft 6'
What do I usually like to draw when I'm doodling?
What sleeping position do I usually wake up in? - On my: front, back or side
When I was really little what did I want to be? - Artist, children's doctor, vet, teacher or writer
What is my shoe size?
Do I like cheese?
If I had to dye my hair a colour out of these what would it be? - a) Dark vivid purple, b) different shades of red, or c) electric blue
If I had to get a tattoo what would it be?
Which one of these is most important to me? - a) Making sure others are happy, b) Finding myself, c) Accomplishing something, or d) Making my mark on the world
Where do I want to travel? - a) Florida, b) Hawaii, c) Canary Islands, or d) Greece,

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