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Proscenium arch & movable stage scenery. Queen’s House, Greenwich; Banqueting Hall, Whitehall. Laid out Covent Garden & Lincoln’s Inn Field, London(1573-1652)
Credited with the creation of Baroque style and painted and sculpted. Piazza San Pietro(1598-1680)
Won the Stirling Prize for Peckham Library and caused controversy with his book Supercity(1947-)
Noted road and bridge builder. Bridge over River Severn; Caledonian & Gota Canals(1757-1834)
Real name was Charles Edouard Jeanneret Gris. Palace of Nations, Geneva; Villa Savoye, Paris. Extensive work in Chandigarh, India(1887-1965)
Royal College of Physicians, London; National Theatre, London(1914-2001)
John Hancock Tower, Boston; Mile High Centre, Devner; the Louvre Pyramid, Paris(1917-)
Birmingham Athenaeum; Houses of Parliament (completed by his son) (1795-1860)
Taylorian Institute & Ashmolean, Oxford; Fitzwilliam museum, Cambridge(1788-1863)
Waterloo Station, London; Eden Project, Cornwall; Thermae Bath Spa, Bath(1939-)
Bank of England & Dulwich Picture Gallery, London. Designed his home in Lincoln’s Inn Field(1753-1837)
St George’s, Bloomsbury; Christ Church, Spittlefields; helped with Blenheim Palace and was clerk to another famous architect(1661-1736)
Part of a pair who worked on the Pompidou Centre, Paris. Also noted for work in Dakar, Senegal and winner of the 1998 Pritzker Prize(1937-)
American Air Museum, Duxford; Millenium Footbridge, London; 30 St Mary Axe, London; Millau Viaduct (with Michel Virlogeux); Reichstag Dome, Berlin(1935-)
Popularised the Geodesic Dome, as shown in the Montreal Biosphere, and the term ‘Spaceship Earth’(1895-1983)
From Arts & Crafts work (Marsh Court; Lindisfarne Castle) to more Renaissance work (Salutation, Sandwich) to a Classical style (Cenotaph, London). Planned Liverpool Met. Cathedral(1869-1944)
Worked with Dankmar Adler. Works such as the Chicago Stock Exchange saw him called both ‘Father of Modernism’ and ‘Father of the Skyscraper'(1856-1924)
National Gymnasium for Tokyo Olympics; Planned Abuja. Pritzker Winner 1987(1913-2005)
Born in Aachen. Seagram Building, NYC; Washington DC Public Library ; Farnsworth House Illinois. Also produced steel furniture such as the ‘Barcelona Chair’(1886-1969)
Part of a pair whose work includes the Forth Rail Bridge and London Underground(1840-1907)
Pavilions for the Festival of Britain; British Embassy, Rome; Coventry Cathedral; The Beehive, Wellington(1907-76)
Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool; New Bodleian Library, Oxford; Battersea Power Station, London. Rebuilt Houses of Parliament after WW2(1880-1960)
Part of a pair whose work includes the Forth Rail Bridge and London Underground(1817-1898)
Greek revivalist (published Antiquaries of Magna Graecia) St George’s Hospital at Hyde Park Corner, & National Gallery, London(1778-1839)
Won a competition to design the Sydney Opera House in 1956; Kuwaiti Parliament. Prtizker Winner 2005(1918-2008)
Guggenheim, Bilbao; Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles; resigned form the controversial Museum of Tolerance, Jerusalem(1929-)
Hall of Residence, MIT; Finlandia Concert Hall, Helsinki. Also successful in designing furniture(1898-1976)
Albert Memorial & St Pancras Station, London; Episcopal cathedral, Edinburgh(1811-1878)
Covent garden theatre (now destroyed) & the British Museum, London(1781-1867)
Nicknamed ‘God’s Architect’. Sagrada Familia; Casea Batllo(1852-1926)
Popularised Chinese influence such as the Kew Garden Pagoda(1723-96)
Pompidou Centre, Paris (with partner). Lloyd’s Building, London; ECHR, Strasbourg; Terminal 4 Barajas Airport, Madrid. Designed Tower 3 of the new World Trade Centre(1933-)
US Embassy, London; Dulles Airport, Washington DC; Gateway Arch, St Louis(1910-61)
Most noted for Crystal Palace, designed for the 1851 Great Exhibition, London(1801-65)
Professor of Astronomy. Sheldonian Theatre, & Ashmolean, Oxford; St Paul’s Cathedral, & Greenwich Observatory, London; parts of Hampton Court Palace. A Royal Society founder & MP(1632-1723)
St Martin-In-The-Fields, London; Radcliffe Camera, Oxford(1682-1754)
Regent’s Park, Regent Street & Marble Arch, London; Rebuilt the Houses of Parliament and Brighton Pavilion, and laid out Trafalgar Square & St James’s Park(1752-1835)
His designs formed the basis for the new Basilica of St Peter’s; Belvedere Courtyard(1444-1514)
First woman to win the Pritzker Prize. Innsbruck ski Jump, Austria; Contemporary Arts Centre, Cincinnati(1950-)
Playwright and Baroque architect. Spent time imprisoned in the Bastille. Blenheim Palace; Castle Howard(1664-1726)
Nicknamed ‘Capability _____’. Most famous for the gardens at Blenheim, Kew and Stowe(1716-83)
Leader of British Neo-Classical Revival. Harewood House, Syon House, Osterly Park (1728-92)
Worked with William Eden Nesfield. Famous for English Domestic Revival. Old Swan House, Chelsea; New Scotland Yard & Piccadilly Hotel, London(1831-1912)
Proponent of Art Nouveau. Glasgow School of Art; Hill House, Helensburgh. Gave up architecture for water colour painting(1868-1928)
Imperial Hotel, Tokyo; Falling Water, Pennsylvania; Guggenheim Museum, New York(1867-1959)
Brother of Lascelles. Pioneer of town planning implementing the County of London Plan & Greater London Plan(1879-1957)
Clifford and Hungerford Suspension Bridges; Saltash Bridge over Tamar. Ships include ‘Great Western’, ‘Great Britain’ and, with John Scott Russel, the 'Great Eastern'(1806-1859)
Royal Mews, Trafalgar Square; Horse Guards, Whitehall(1684-1748)
Pantheon on Oxford Street, London. So Similar to Robert Adam that he was accused of Plagiarism(1746-1813)
Part of an English Baroque triumvirate. Birmingham Cathedral; St John’s Smith Square (1668-1743)

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