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A black skull with wings in front of a white background.Avenged Sevenfold
A man is being struck by lightning in the foot.AC/DC
Seven Paper cut - outs of people are holding hands and they all have a red check on their chest except for one.Three Days Grace
A man in mostly white is lying down and above there is his autograph and the name of the album.Michael Jackson
Four men in suits are standing in front of a red background while one has a bottle of soda in one hand that has been shaken up and is fizzing/exploding.All Time Low
A skeleton holding a sword is rushing at you riding a golden horse above a city.Avenged Sevenfold
A naked baby is swimming toward you at a dollar bill on a fishing hook.Nirvana
A coiled up snaked is hissing at the bottom right of a black backgroundMetallica
Five skulls, all with hair, some with hats or bandanas are on a cross with a banner above all of them and one below all of them.Guns N' Roses
Half of a face, but a full neck is shown here with lipstick on and has a lip ring, also she is wearing a necklace and she has black hair and a nose ring, and also wearing black makEscape The Fate
The right half of this band's symbol is shown in whote over a red background and the title is at the very top of the cover.Aerosmith

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