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'Daddy is here and he'll sing you a soft ******* tonight'
'And I'm a 'Yo, ho, ho' with no bottle of rum, I'm just **** * ***'
'Hey, *****, give me my money, else I'm 'bout to take it out your ass'
The opposite of 'outro'
'He's just a little bit *******'
'She's * ***** **** and she's starting to smell, but if loving a corpse is a sin, I'll see you in hell'
'Temptations of a Catholic ****** aren't easy to ignore'
'There's a **** on the soap and it's short and curly'
The opposite of 'outro'
'Go, ******, go! Burrow harder, burrow deeper. Be my little chimney sweeper.'
The actor who needs more cowbell
'*ae *awn *hong, baby, won't you hear my song? I have loved you for so long and I know I can make you love me, too.'
The holiday to honor the person who gave birth to you
The opposite of 'outro'
'She watches football and the Lifetime channel. What's that bulge under her nightie? It must be *************'
The common name of H2O
The actor who needs more cowbell
'And my friends all laugh, my friends all scoff when I say I love a girl who loves to take it off ... There's nothing wrong, nothing wrong with my ******** ****'
'Oh, *** ******** **** and gone, but his Muppets will live on and Kermit's still hot 'cause it's still not easy being green'
The opposite of 'outro'
The actor who needs more cowbell
'But I'm not ***, so would you stop cupping my... hand'
'If you need yarn for that scarf you're knittin', you'll get plenty if you kill a ******'
'Oh, I hate ******* *** *****, I like chocolate instead'
'Damn, that's an ugly ****'
'I'd give you a taste, but you're tongue's in the stew. Irony! That's what ********* means to me'
The opposite of 'hate'
'Everyone knows Jesus, the man who healed the lame, but I am Jesus' brother. ***** is my name'
'My real name is Beelzebub, but you can call me *****'
'I was in love with an ******. Her lack of pigment seemed like fun'
'Hangin' with freshman girls, frat party, kegs of beer. I see a girl I'm wantin', ***** ** ***** ***'
'Your every dress is monogrammed 'SS', you hold an Aryan picnic and bash, and it makes me irate when you say I look great when I wear a ****** **** *********'
'I'm ******, ze only French bum in New York'
'And if you come too close, he'll whittle you, too. Keep a safe distance if you can, 'cause you're never safe around ********* ***'
The **** and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland, Ohio
'I know it's not easy to leave me alone, but it's more fun when you're *** ****'
'There are ****** ** ** **** saying things that shouldn't be said. I just hope that they will go away'
'Fightin' with the legends of yore. It's ***! Never kissed a lady before. Nope!'
'******* for my A.I.D.S. test to come back'
'Wanted to have some quality time with my son, so I brought him down to the ******* ****'
The type of journal Anne Frank wrote in
'Oh, Peanuts, ***** ******* -- a bunch of kids trying to be free'
'As I taxi down the runway, I get a smile on my face. I've got ***** ******** of coke in an uncomfortable place'
The type of journal Anne Frank wrote in
'My lady doth have a '70s muff -- a 1470s muff, hmm? ... Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la ******** ****'
To learn about Ben Franklin, pilgrims, Ghandi, and Isaac Newton, you're probably taking this class in school
The type of journal Anne Frank wrote in
'Don't tell our families or our friends. Say one word and this thing ends. It's true, 'cause I'm ******* **** ***'
'And his enemies decide on a plot of regicide. It's time for the king to lose his crown. ******** must go down.'
'Well, this is a song for *******, home of the red, white, and blue'
The type of journal Anne Frank wrote in
'I'll never ignore them, I'll even adore them someday when they're touching your knees. Oh, **********! Oh, what a rack'
'You got a unicorn, butterfly, angel wings, inner thigh -- queer ******, it's a queer ******'
'Vegan living, so healthy and clean. So much brown rice, so many mung beans. And ** ****'
'** **** ** ***** ****** What a lovely place! I can't wait to tell the human race. Hello, Alien. Will you be my friend?'
'******* had a lazy eye. Straight ahead she would stare, and still see **** over there with her lazy eye'
'I would comfort you when you're sad. I would just leave you crying. I would protect you if a **** attacked you'
'Where the hot dogs are deep-fried -- that's the reason Elvis died -- in *********'
'Tried to climb through your window, but I was too wide. You should get bigger windows or *** ** ******'
'We were young, maybe twenty, you wore a white dressing gown. Drinking wine and dancing slowly on *** ***** * **** *** ****'
''Cause you and me plus Jesus makes three. That's *** ******* for me'
'Let us sing of the annual *********. Come see a cultural happening -- and also tits'
'And we can read each other's minds. Tonight we're the best that we can find. There's no one left but you. I guess ****** **'
'Oh, my God, I feel sick. Drank too much. ******* ****'
'**** ****, I'm done with you. Love will break your heart. I hate loving hating love'
And as I roll the ball, I cry, 'I'm ******** *******, the bowling God'
'And that we can escape from the lady in red and get out of the house and go **** ** *** *** *** *******'
'And sometimes you're disappointed in my manlihood. I can't take it -- please -- fake it *** **'
'Because my kids are probably going to be born crippled and blind and be semi-retarded and I'll have to spend all of my time at the ******* ********'
The genre of music Kenny Chesney sings
'When *********** dies, I'll scream and I'll yell 'cuz I'll be f-ing rich as hell'
Mark Teich isn't just Stephen's pal, he was Stephen's very **** ******'
'Every time I do a shot, I think you're pretty but I know you're not. I'm just tryin' to ***** *** ******'
'I love pu... tting women's minds at rest. I love pu... shing myself to be the best. ****** *******'s in'
****** and Gentlemen
'No use denyin' it, I was really crankin' it. So dry your eyes, don't be so sad. If you could just forgive me and **** ** **, Dad'
To unlock your door and start your car, you need this
'And we drove off into the night. 'How's it going, my friend?' I asked him. Slowly he turned his head. The **** ****** looked at me and this is what he said'

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