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Can you name the Marvel characters when given the name of their significant others?

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Significant OtherAliasHint
Medusalith 'Medusa' Amaquelin-BoltagonHe is the king of the Inhumans
Janet 'Jan' Van Dyne-Pym (Wasp)He is one of the original members of the Avengers
Shanna O'Hara-Plunder (She-Devil)He is the ruler of the Savage Land
Katherine Anne 'Kitty' Pryde-Rasputin (Shadowcat)He was the first Russian member of the X-Men
Jean Grey-Summers (Phoenix)He is the original field leader of the X-Men
Magda EisenhardtHe is the archrival of Professor X
Heather McNeil-Hudson (Vindicator)He is the original leader of Alpha Flight
Barbara 'Bobbi' Morse (Mockingbird)He is the archer of the Avengers
Maria Elizabeth CastiglioneHe is the ultimate vigilante
Candace 'Candy' SouthernHe is one of the original members of the X-Men
Jessica Campbell-Lucas (Jewel)He is arguably the most popular Marvel character on Netflix
Lindy ReynoldsHe is said to have 'the power of 1,000,000 exploding suns' (this is said, but not true)
Nadia Dornova-BlonskyHe is a rival of the Hulk
Mary Jane Watson-ParkerHe is 'your friendly neighborhood...'
Susan Storm-Richards (Invisible Woman)He is the original leader of the Fantastic Four
Clea StrangeHe is the 'Sorcerer Supreme'
Meggan Puceanu-BraddockHe is the original leader of Excalibur
Elizabeth 'Betty' RossHe is one of the original Avengers
Anna Marie Raven (Rogue)He is the first member of the X-Men from Louisiana

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