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Forced Order
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Who introduced John and Sherlock to each other?
How does Sherlock take his coffee?
What's Sherlock's full name?
Who started the Sherlock-fanclub called 'The Empty Hearse'?
What was the name of the criminal league in The Blind Banker?
And what book did they use with their code?
What's John's second name?
How did Connie Prince die in The Great Game?
What game were Mycroft and Sherlock playing in The Empty Hearse?
How long had John and Mary been together before John decided to propose?
Name one of Sherlock's pressure points.
What was the restaurant at which Sherlock revealed to John that he was still alive?
What used to be mrs. Hudson's profession?
And what is mrs. Hudson's full name?
What gun was in Sherlock's pocket when he met Moriarty at the pool?
Which restaurant did Sherlock and John go to in A Study in Pink?
What was the code to Irene Adler's safe/what were her measurements?
What did Sherlock say the deerstalker looked like?
Jim Moriarty's nickname for Sherlock is?
And for Mycroft?
What was Sherlock wearing when he was called to the Buckingham Palace?
And what did he steal from the palace?
According to Sherlock, Mycroft is?
What is John's sister's name?
Name one of the three codes Sherlock tried on Irene Adler's phone before getting it right.
Mary Morstan's real initials are?
What was the first thing Sherlock said in the series?
What was Andrew West's nickname?
Name one of the three places where Moriarty's message 'IOU' appeared.
What is detective inspector Lestrade's first name?
What did Sherlock initially want to be?
Who was the woman Sherlock pretended to date in His Last Vow?
Based on what did Sherlock find the missing children in The Reichenbach Fall?
Name one of the pet names Moriarty has used on Sherlock.
In The Hounds of Baskerville, what was Major Barrymore's password?
What was the name of the killer in A Study in Pink?
Where did John hide Sherlock's cigarettes in The Hounds of Baskerville?
Name one of the three places Moriarty broke into in The Reichenbach Fall.
What were the words that made Mycroft turn Sherlock's plane around in His Last Vow?
Who were the three friends that would've died if Sherlock hadn't jumped in The Reichenbach Fall?
What is Sherlock's blog's name?
What was the story Moriarty read to Sherlock in the cab?

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