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QUIZ: Can you name the Key Items from Shadow Hearts ?

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DescriptionItemWhere found
Glowing stone. A memento from father. When hero awakens as a Harmonixer, the light changes from blue to yellow to red and displays current Malice level.
This pendant was given by Father Elliot. In the train, it emits a powerful, mystical light that rescues our hero.
Once part of a sluice gate, it is now completely rusted over. After the locals were killed in war, the gate was left untended for ages.
Thin incredibly foul smelling medicine contains catnip. It smells foul, but is a sure cure for cat troubles.
Measuring bowl used by a pathologist in Zhaoyang Village. Bits of putrid, rotten flesh cling to the bottom.
Dried twigs that have been bundled together for easy use. Useful as an outdoor light source.
Card from the Wholesale Items Guild(WIG). Gives various benefits. But if you lose on a discount 5 times in a row with insufficient funds, it becomes inactive
Unfortunately this card is now inactive. I wonder if the merchant in Zhaoyang Village where I got this is okay? Still, I hope I never have to go there again.
Called the 'Sealing Stone', it is a glowing blue gem used as a tool in the art of dark geomancy to create and strengthen barriers.
Salt-dried mackerel. Bred in deep ocean currents, its meat is firm yet tender. A quack oracle ate 5 of them at Sea Turtle Restaurant. Everyone was disgusted.
Card aquired from a fortune-telling boy in Shanghai. Very useful in shops. Don't leave home without it.
Star guild card which has become inactive. I shouldn't have been so greedy then, but oh well...
Ancient token displaying one of the 5 Yin and Yang elements, wood. Used in opening mystical seals or barriers.
Key handcarved from the spine of some oddly shaped animal. What could this eerie key be hiding?
Key to 'Yawang Gate', the only entrance to Dehuai's fortress Kuihai Tower. Obtained by Lieutenant Suketani at the cost of many of his followers' lives.
Mystic tool with the power of the Black Tortoise, one of the gods of the directions. In the hands of a wicked person, it alone could lay waste to an entire nation.
Mystic tool with the power of the Blue Dragon, one of 4 gods of directions. In the hands of a wicked person, it alone could lay waste to an entire nation.
Mystic tool with the power of the Red Phoenix, one of the 4 gods of directions. In the hands of a wicked person, it alone could lay waste to an entire nation.
Mystic tool with the power of the White Tiger. It has the power to lay waste to an entire nation. Taken from Kuihai Tower 15 years ago by Colonel Hyuga.
Wh, what's this? The famous literary journal and pin-up magazine 'Shanghai Angels'! Why would that be such a valuable item? Maybe I'll find out in the future.
Key to Bistritz town gate. If the gate is for protection from animals, why is there a carving of a sun on the gate and garlic on the key?
Guild card found in Bistritz. This one has a moon picture on it. Those guild folks must be astrology fans.
No...My Moon Card is inactive! That Bistritz place here I found this was really weird. I wonder if that wheat has grown okay.
Key found in a rather questionable orphanage. It opens the Orphans' Room (They call it the Key Room. Those jerks.)
Pure gold key from Joshua.
Guild card with a picture of the Sun on it. I wonder why that person had it? London is a strange city. All that fog and everything...
Inactive Sun Card. So I've finally lost this one too. Ah...memories of London.
Strangely glowing stone. It seems to have the same evil spirit as the one in the graveyard.
DescriptionItemWhere found
Bronze coin with a crab spider symbol etched on it. Probably for some purpose other than money. Deeply scratched from use.
Silver coin inscribed with symbol of the magical bird, Lopruos. Ancient and scarred from years of use.
Ancient gold coin inscribed with a demonic crest. Thick and heavy, it shines out even in a dark hospital room.
Platinum coin inscribed with the symbol of a dragon. It's impossible to tell whether it's new or old and it rings out with a lovely tune when plunked.
This key is for the sole purpose of locking unwanted people away from the rest of society in a prison euphemistically called a hospital.
Key to prison-like mental hospital. It is worn from the hands of the many cruel torturers who held it.
Key to Calios Mental Hospital. More prison than hospital, there is a dark side to its grand history.
Key jealously guarded by the hospital director, Viscount Rausan. It seems to have been polished almost obsessively and is without even a single scratch.
Apparently a key to some huge door, it is stamped with the image of some god-like entity. Whether good or evil, it is impossible to tell.
Guild card acquired from a suspicious man. Makes one realize that just about anyone can be a guild member.
Hmph! They call that 'Eternity'!? I knew I shouldn't have trusted that guy from the hospital: 'Hey kid, look. It says Eternity' on it.
Strangely glowing stone. It gives off the same airy feeling that I get in the graveyard.
Oddly glowing stone. It gives off exactly the same wavelength as the one in the graveyard.
Strangely glowing stone. It gives off the same hot feeling that I get in the graveyard.
Strangely glowing stone. It gives off the same cold feeling that I get in the graveyard.
Strangely glowing stone. It seems to have the same mystic qualities as the one in the graveyard.
Oddly shaped stone. It emits a strange power the likes of which cannot be felt anywhere else on earth or above.
Old book engraved with an image from Mt. Olympus. It says 'The Memory Palace...Cross the rainbow, then follow the drops of blood to the royal garden'.
Greatly sought after, this ancient tome is rumored to be a secret guide to summoning the 'Other Gods'.
Legendary manuscript written on a skull. On it is scribbled: 'Stone Temple.. Take the path of the left dragon...'. The bookmark smells of violets.
Death drunk on souls, told the Overlord how to beat the Four Masks. 'Grail weakens Gold; Gold, Staff; Staff, Sword; and Sword, Drink. My oath is to the Grail...'
Letter from Father Doyle found in Penitence Room. Detailed within is a list of various sins that became privy to him in the confessional.
Crank for starting some kind of machine. Judging by the size of the handle, it must be a machine of terrific dimensions.
Extremely rusty key that doesn't look as if it has been well looked after.
Slide found in dollhouse. The upper half of a young girl can be seen faintly. If I only I had a Projector...
Bacon's manuscript: 'The rainbow's treasure is a golden moon, burning sun, old forest, royal garden, ocean's color, drop of blood and from the sky to rebirth'
Made of a substance which seems to be somewhere between stone and metal. Is it light, heavy, hard, soft? Even touching it, it is impossible to tell.

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