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Stat HintPlayer's NameJersey Number
After being traded to the Cardinals from the Padres, he helped lead the cards to a World Series Championship in 1982. He was woted to 15 All-star games and owns 13 consecutive gold#1 (Retired)
Played as a switch-hitting second baseman for the Cardinals. He was also a 10 time All-star and was part of 5 World Series Champion teams. Batted a career .289 with 2,449 hits.#2 (Retired)
He was nicknamed 'Country' and played for the cardinals for his first 13 seasons. 10 time All-star with 4 World Series rings, 3 with the cardinals and 1 with the yankees. He is kno#9 (Retired)
Started his career with the cardinals and ended it with the Browns in 1937. He was only the second player to hit 20 or more doubles, triples, and homeruns in one season. He was par#4 (Cardinals) #2 (Browns)
Played with the Cardinals from 1924 to 1931. Batted a career .317 with 164 home runs. He was a All-star while with the Reds and has 2 World series championships with the cardinals.#6 (Cincinnati Reds)
A missouri native who played with the cardinals from 1904 to 1907. He is first all-time with put-outs at first base (23,709).N/A
He was a knuckleball pitcher with the Cardinals from 1920 to 1937. He through a No-hitter on July 17,1924 against the Boston Braves. He had 3 20-win seasons and was a 2 time nation#16
Authough not starting his career with the Cardinals, he played for them from 1909 to 1912. He is known for introducing the shin guard for the catchers spot. He also started his carN/A

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