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The First Super SayianDragon Ball Z
Who killed LDeath Note
Clovis was killed byCode Geass
Who shot the great forest spiritPrincess Mononoke
Who Protected MyersVampire Hunter D
What dispersed the spellHowl's Moving Castle
Who created Sloth the HumunculousFull Metal Alchemist
Who did Visous and Spike love and lossCowboy Bebop
What was Afro Samurai afterAfro Samurai
Who was the key to get into paradiseWolf's Rain
What was Melphena looking forOutlaw Star
Who won the scare contestOuran High School
What was the teachers nicknameSarayuna Setsubo Sensei
What was the oraganization for the shinigamiBleach
Who became the Fith HokageNaruto
Whats the name of Deaths sonSoul Eater
What was the aliens nameChromartie High School
What was Hazuki's titleMoon Phase
Who was Lucy's alter egoElven Lied
What was sacrifised if one lost their SummonMai Hime
What girl walks around with SashomaruInyuyasha
Who survived at the end of the animeGantz
What was Genesis set up to doAir Gear
What was the problem with space travelVoices of a Distant Star
Who wields The Dragon Slayer since childhoodBerserk

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