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Can you name the words or phrases that start with 'turn?'

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ClueWord or PhraseLetter
Bonnie Tyler wants Bright Eyes to do thisA
Tracy from HairsprayB
Hotel service or to refuse an offerD
Lana, Kathleen and TedE
What race horses do as they reach the final stretchF
Some hair does this as you ageG
Someone who is interesting or attractive does thisH
Unpopular root vegetableI
What The Vapors didJ
An item designed to be sold ready to operateK
GPS direction or a Doctor Who episodeL
Single by LoverboyM
ClueWord or PhraseLetter
To pridefully refuseN
Rate at which a business cycles through employees or a pastryO
A toll roadP
What you are taking nowQ
The area at the end of a planted fieldR
Gate that allows only one person through at a timeS
Beck had two of these and a microphoneT
The King of the Rutuli, defeated by Aeneas.U
When someone gives up eating meat V
Jesus' first miracleW
A mobile suit featured in the anime ∀ GundamX
To completely give up on somethingY
What a person does on the day they are bornZ

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