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Can you name the answer to each NES-related question?

Quiz Updated Oct 13, 2016

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Name A...
Super Mario Bros. 3 Koopa Kid
RC Pro-Am car upgrade
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! opponent
Rad Racer course
Crystalis 'Finest Four'
Final Fantasy Fiend
Kirby's Adventure minigame
Mega Man 2 powerup
Tecmo Super Bowl QB*
Kid Icarus sacred treasure
Gauntlet character
Ice Hockey country
Bubble Bobble enemy
Name A...
Blaster Master vehicle component
Contra weapon
Adventure island food
Metal Gear transceiver contact
Double Dragon brother
River City Ransom gang
Battletoads toad
Ninja Gaiden 'Malice Four'
Metroid beam
Simon's Quest mansion
Rampage monster
Dragon Warrior sword
Legend of Zelda boss

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