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(1990) Tom Clancy adaptation about a rogue Soviet sub captain - (1999) Jake Gyllenhaal plays a boy interested in rocket science(2004) Angelina Jolie and Jude Law star in this pulp adventure
(2009) George Clooney plays a lonely businessman/frequent flier - (1997) Harrison Ford wants terrorists to get off of his plane(1975) Jack Nicholson has a short stay in an insane asylum
(2007) Best Picture-winning Coen bros. movie with Josh Brolin - (1997) Sci-Fi movie starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones(2001) Film chronicling the rescue of helicopter crews in Somalia
(2007) Ben Affleck directs this movie where a child disappears - (2014) Ben Affleck acts in this movie where his wife disappears(1999) Story of a girl in a mental institution, with Winona Ryder
(1984) Cold War film with Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen - (1978) Classic George Romero zombie movie set inside a mall(1989) Robin Williams plays an English teacher at a prep school
(2002) Third installment of a 'stoner' trilogy starring Ice Cube - (2000) Second installment in said trilogy, also starring Ice Cube(1980) Slasher flick featuring the debut of Jason Voorhees
(1984) Eddie Murphy plays a Detroit cop sent to a new city - (2010) Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan play 'buddy' partners(1985) Robert Redford and Meryl Streep are on a certain continent
(1988) Roddy Piper is here to kick ass and chew bubble gum - (1973) Bond film for which Paul McCartney wrote the title song(1988) Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman face off at Nakatomi Plaza
(2006) Shakespeare adaptation set in Japan instead of France - (1934) Romantic comedy with Clark Gable; won all 5 major Oscars(2006) Ben Stiller plays a night watchman at a (title word)
(2013) Adaptation of Orson Scott Card's most famous novel - (1973) Bruce Lee's last film, which he wrote, directed and starred(2007) The half of 'Grindhouse' directed by Quentin Tarantino
(2014) Broadway musical adaptation directed by Clint Eastwood - (1999) Hilary Swank plays a transgender man in this true story(1987) Denzel Washington movie about apartheid in South Africa
(2012) Quvenzhané Wallis stars in this fantasy set in Louisiana - (1999) Will Smith western adapted from a 60's TV show(1961) Best Picture-winning musical adaptation of Romeo & Juliet
(1940) Movie starring Ronald Reagan as the original 'Gipper' - (1999) Kevin Spacey has a midlife crisis, wins an Oscar(1991) Disney animated movie nominated for Best Picture
(2002) Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro are in therapy... again - (1996) Tom Hanks directs this movie about a 60's pop group(1989) Spike Lee movie about simmering racial tension in Brooklyn
(2009) Coen bros. dark comedy where a man questions his faith - (2013) Zack Snyder directs the latest iteration of Superman(1989) Sally Field and Dolly Parton star in this mostly female film
(2013) Third installment in Simon Pegg's 'Cornetto Trilogy' - (1999) Arnold Schwarzenegger in an apocalyptic horror film(1990) Tom Cruise plays a young, hotshot NASCAR driver
(1996) John Grisham adaptation starring Samuel L. Jackson - (2003 & 2004) Two-part action film by Quentin Tarantino(1989) Keanu Reeves, like, totally travels through time, dude
(1980) Second installment in George Lucas's sci-fi franchise - (1986) Rodney Dangerfield gets an education alongside his son(2003) Jack Black forms a rock and roll band with some children
(2001) Coen Bros. neo-noir film starring Billy Bob Thornton - (2007) Paul Thomas Anderson, Daniel Day-Lewis and oil(2006) Set during the Sierra Leone civil war, starring Leo DiCaprio
(1999) Workplace comedy with Jennifer Aniston and staplers - (2000) Clint Eastwood film about four old ex-astronauts(2011) Comic book adaptation with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig

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