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Lightest World Heavyweight Champion
Longest Divas Champion Reign
Heaviest WWE Champion
Youngest World Heavyweight Champion
Oldest WWE Champion
WWE Superstar with Shortest World Heavyweight Title Reign
Oldest Tag Team Champion
WWE Superstar with Most WWE Champion Reigns
Longest Intercontinental Championship Reign
WWE Superstar with Shortest WWE Champion Reign
Lightest Tag Team Champion (combined)
Heaviest Divas Champion
Shortest Tag Team Champion Reign
Most United States Championship Reigns
When was Intercontinental Championship Originated
First Divas Champion
Most Tag Team Championship Reigns (As Team)
When was World Heavyweight Champpionship Originated
First Intercontinental Champion
Youngest Tag Team Champion
Oldest Divas Champion
When was United States Championship Originated
WWE Superstar with the Longest WWE Champion Reign
Lightest WWE Champion
When was WWE Championship originated
The First World Heavyweight Champion
Heaviest Tag Team Champion (combined)
WWE Superstar with most Intercontinental Championship Reigns
When was Divas Championship Originated
Oldest World Heavyweight Champion
Lightest United States Champion
Longest United States Championship Reign
Most Divas Championship Reigns
Lightest Intercontinental Champion
Youngest Intercontinental Champion
First United States Champion
First Tag Team Champions
Shortest Divas Champion Reign
Shortest United States Championship Reign
WWE Superstar with Longest World Heavyweight Championship Reign
Youngest WWE Champion
Oldest Unites States Champion
The First WWE Champion
Heaviest Intercontinental Champion
Heaviest World Heavyweight Champion
Most Tag Team Championship Reigns (As Individual)
Longest Tag Team Champion Reign
Youngest United States Champion
Shortest Intercontinental Championship Reign
Lightest Divas Champion
Heaviest United States Champion
WWE Superstar with Most World Heavyweight Championship Reigns
Youngest Divas Champion

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