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Stimulates GH production and release Hypothalamus
Affect milk production in mammary glands and causes sexual gratification after sexual actsAnterior pituitary, uterus
Regulates the body's retention of water; released when the body is dehydrated and causes the kidneys to conserve waterPosterior pituitary
Causes cells in the liver, muscle, and fat tissue to take up glucose from the blood and stops the use of fat as an energy sourcePancreas
Acts to increase the concentration of calcium in the blood; enhances the absorption of calcium in the kidneys and intestineParathyroid gland
Inhibits the release of prolactin and TRH from the anterior pituitaryTestes
Produced in pregnancy; prevents the disintegration of the corpus luteum of the ovary and thereby maintains progesterone production that is critical for a pregnancyPlacenta
Controls red blood cell production; has an important role in the brain's response to neuronal injury and is also involved in the wound healing processKidneys
The least abundant of the three estrogenic hormones; acts as a reservoir that can be converted into Estradiol.Ovary
Responsible for the release of FSH and LH from the anterior pituitary; activated at puberty, critical for successful reproductive functionHypothalamus
increases the permeability of the capillaries to white blood cells and other proteins, in order to allow them to engage foreign invaders in the affected tissues; stimulates gastricStomach
Regulates the development, growth, pubertal maturation, and reproductive processes of the bodyAnterior pituitary
Causes wakefulness, increases energy expanditure and increased appetiteHypothalamus
Affects the metabolic system of the mother; decreases maternal insulin sensitivity, and therefore raises maternal blood glucose levels, whilst decreasing maternal glucose utilizatiPlacenta
Stimulates growth and cell reproduction and release Insulin-like growth factor from liverAnterior pituitary
Has been associated with the regulation of energy balance, memory, learning, and epilepsy; the main effect is increased food intake and decreased physical activityStomach
Converts the endometrium to its secretory stage to prepare the uterus for implantation; affects the vaginal epithelium and cervical mucus, making it thick and impermeable to sperm;Ovary, adrenal glands, placenta
Affect vasoconstriction and the release of aldosteroneLiver
Used to determine how much vitamin D is in the body Skin, kidneys
Affects the release of ACTH from the anterior pituitaryHypothalamus
Regulate painKidneys
Fight-or-flight response; suppress non-emergency bodily processes and the immune systemAdrenal medulla
Affects the secretion of bicarbonate from liver, pancreas and Brunner's glands; stops production of gastric juice Duodenum
Affects melanogenesis by melanocytes in skin and hairAnterior pituitary, pars intermedia
Regulates the body's mean arterial blood pressureKidneys
can be used as a marker of fetal health and wellbeing; the one of the three main estrogensPlacenta
Fight-or-flight response; Increases skeletal readinessAdrenal medulla
Antioxidant and causes drowsinessPineal gland
Affects the secretion of gastric acidsStomach, duodenum
Increases basal metabolic rate and affects protein synthesisThyroid gland
Decreases appetite and increases metabolismAdipose tissue
In women, plays a key role in sexual development and acts as a growth hormone for the tissue of reproductive organs; a lack of it causes an accelerated loss of bone mass; the most Female: ovaries; Male: testies
Increases basal metabolic rate and affects protein synthesisThyroid gland
Increases the level of calcium in the bloodSkin, kidneys
Responsible for stimulating the digestion of fat and protein; causes the release of digestive enzymes and bile from the pancreas and gallbladder; acts as a hunger suppresantDuodenum
Increase heart rate and blood pressure; inhibit the release of prolactin and TRHKidney, hypothalamus
Regulates the production of platelets by the bone marrowLiver, kidneys, striated muscle
Smooth the muscle contractions of the stomachStomach
Constructs bones and reduces the blood calciumThyroid gland
Inhibits the release of GH and TSH; suppresses the release of gastrointestinal and pancreatic hormonesHypothalamus, gastrointestinal system
Its levels increase before meals and decrease after meals; essential for cognitive adaptation to changing environments and the process of learning; stimulates the secretion of growStomach
Increases blood glucose level; stimulates glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesisPancreas
Affects the secretion of thyroxine and triiodothyronineAnterior pituitary
Release breast milk; plays a role in several behaviors including orgasm, social recognition, pair bonding, anxiety, trust, love and maternal behaviorsPosterior pituitary
Reduces blood pressure by reducing systemic vascular resistance, blood water, sodium, and fatsHeart
Self regulates the pancreas secretion activities (endocrine and exocrine), it also affects hepatic glycogen levels and gastrointestinal secretionsPancreas
Increases the reabsorption of sodium and water and the release of potassium in the kidneys which increases blood volume and, therefore, blood pressureAdrenal cortex
Regulates cell growth and development; has insulin-like effectsLiver
Released in response to stress; increases blood sugar and stores sugar in the liver as glycogen; aids in fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolismAdrenal cortex
In female:ovulation; in male:stimulates Leydig cell production of testosteroneAnterior pituitary
plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as the testis and prostate as well as promoting secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle and Testes
Controls mood, appetite, and sleepCNS, GI tract
Affects the synthesis of corticosteroidsAnterior pituitary
Stimulates the release of thyroid-stimulating hormone and prolactin by the anterior pituitaryHypothalamus

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