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What was Adele's first number-one single in the US?
Which Adele song won the Academy Award for Best Original Song?
Which Adele song became the first piano-vocal ballad to top the Hot 100?
Which song never was performed during the Adele Live tour?
Which song by The Cure did Adele cover on '21'?
Which song did Adele's manager Jonathan Dickins persuade her to cover on '19'?
What was the first song Adele wrote for '21'?
Which Adele song did Ryan Tedder co-write but not produce?
This was the only international single from '21' to not top the Hot 100.
Adele called this song her favorite from '19'.
This song was partially inspired by Lady Antebellum's song 'Need You Now'.
The live version of this song won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance in 2013.
This Adele song was banned from some US radio stations due to a misinterpretation of the song's meaning.
What is the only Adele song released as a single to date that was written solely by her?
Which Adele song was inspired by a falling out with her best friend?
What was the last song written for '19'?
This unreleased Adele song leaked online in September and peaked at number-eleven on the Billboard Trending 140 Chart.
This is the first unreleased Adele song to ever leak onto the Internet.
This song was originally titled 'Stand by Me' and performed on select dates of the An Evening With Adele tour.
Adele described this song, which she covered both on the deluxe edition of '21' and during the Adele Live tour, as a song about 'killing [your] wife'.
Which song from '21' was inspired by the Drew Barrymore film 'Never Been Kissed'?
Which Adele song inspired the pet name for Adele's fans?
This song is the B-side to the 2007 release of 'Hometown Glory'.
This song cover served as a B-side to the re-release of 'Hometown Glory' and was originally recorded by Adele's favorite singer.
This Paul Epworth-produced track was rumored to be the sixth single from '21'.
Adele covered this song on the deluxe edition of '21' and said about the song: it 'really makes me cry'.
This song was produced by Mark Ronson.
Adele was featured on an alternate version of this song by The Raconteurs, which she later included in the deluxe edition of her own debut studio album, '19'.
What was the only song Adele wrote with Eg White for '19' that did not receive a music video?
Adele described this song as 'probably the only really nice song' included in '19'.
What was the B-side to 'Make You Feel My Love'?
What was the B-side to 'Cold Shoulder'?
This Adele track is an acoustic cover and is her shortest released song to date.
Adele played the celesta on the album version of this song.
Adele covered this Lady Antebellum song live with Darius Rucker in 2010; it was later included on the Target deluxe edition of '21'.

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