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Can you name the cognitive biases and psychological effects?

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DescriptionBias / EffectExample
I only listen to information that supports my existing belief.A left-wing person reads left-wing newspapers.
The first thing that comes to mind is the one I think is most important.It is easier to think of words beginning with 'Z' than those with 'Z' as the second letter, so there must be more words of the first type.
I believe something because my peers do.I am a Christian because my parents and family are.
I should spend more time on things I have already invested in.I have wasted $100 on this slot machine, so I must carry on playing until I win.
This is my opinion because it was the first one I heard.People will give larger answers when asked to quickly calculate 1×2×3×...×8 rather than 8×7×6×...×1.
It's not my responsibility because someone else could do it.A man in a busy street is clearly in need of help, but no-one offers it.
The environment around me affects my perception of a stimulus.A product costing $10 looks better value when next to a similar item if the other item costs $50 rather than $2.
I use past events when considering the probability of an independent future event.I have flipped 4 tails in a row, so I think the next throw will be heads (even though the chance is still 50% either way).
I am terrible at something, but I think I am better than I am.According to one study, 93% of U.S. drivers believe they are above average.
I am high-achieving, but cannot accept that I deserve to be.I think my success in business was just good luck, and worry that someone will find out the 'truth' about me.
Because of this (unpredictable) outcome, I evaluate whether an action was good or not differently.I take a gamble that I know will pay off 10% of the time; because it worked, I should do it more often in the future.
I see a result as obvious after the fact, and believe that I predicted it beforehand.I claim to have known that my team would win the match, when in fact I was very unsure about whether they would beforehand.
I think that more people are paying attention to me than actually are.I overestimate how many of my friends remember a gaffe I made a while ago.
I believe two or more mutually exclusive things at once.I am engaged in a long-term affair, but I believe that cheating is always immoral.
Over time, I believe something I purchased is better than something I chose not to purchase.I choose one painting over another in a shop, judging both to be of fairly equal quality at the time. After living with the painting I chose for a while, I believe it to be much better than the other one.
The way a question is phrased affects the way I will answer. (Name the type of question.)'You're not a feminist, are you?' will receive fewer responses of 'Yes, I am' than 'Are you a feminist?' will.
I overestimate how long or extreme a future event will affect my emotions for.I imagine moving to a nicer house will improve my life for years, but it only makes a difference to my happiness for a few months.
I remember incomplete or unfinished actions better than compleI remember a song on the radio better if I abruptly lose reception midway through (and the song stops playing).
I believe there to a be a pattern in what is actually random or meaningless data.I can see a face in an innocuous image (e.g. of a particular piece of toast).
I find it easier to recall the first and last items in a list (and hardest to recall ones in the middle).I play 10 Sporcle quizzes in a row. An hour later, I am asked to recall as many of their titles as possible; I can only remember the first and last I played.

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