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83 + 64Addition
1001₂ + 1100₂Binary
d(x³)/dx at x = 5Calculus
1³ + 2³ + 3³ + 4³Exponentiation
1/4 + 5/6Fractions
cosh(ln(6))Hyperbolic functions
The set of irrational numbers is: ℝ \ ?.
Which letter should replace the question mark?
Irrational numbers
Jacobi popularised this symbol: ∂, used to mean what?Jacobi's work
Acceleration at t = 2 s, given that s = 6t³ m.Kinematics
Simplify: A ∧ (A ∨ B) ∧ 1 ∨ B ∧ 0
[alternative notation: A.(A+B).1 + B.0]
Smallest non-negative numberNon-negatives
Degrees in an octagonOctagon
9th smallest prime numberPrime numbers
Solve for x: x² + 49 = 14xQuadratic equation
Evaluate: 5 3 + 4 ×Reverse Polish Notation
164 – (95 – 32) – 19Subtraction
2↑↑3 [alternative notation: ³2]Tetration
F(3) for U[-1, 11]
[alternative notation: P(-1 < X < 3 | X ~ U[-1, 11])]
Uniform distribution
Vertices in an icosahedronVertices
4^2^(4×3–10)/2Well-defined expressions
³√1331xth root
y-intercept of y = e^xy-intercept
P(Z < 0)Z-values

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