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Snow White's Dwarfs multiplied by Weddings in the Hugh Grant film
Sum total of the two Jump Street addresses
Gone in ___ Seconds (d: Sena, s: Cage)
The ___ Year Old Virgin (d: Apatow, s: Carell)
Frames per Second of traditional film stock
Age of Tatum O'Neal when she won Best Supporting Actress
Age of Jessica Tandy when she won Best Actress
Number you get if you multiply all the digits in McConaughey's U-boat film
Year of release for The Great Escape and The Pink Panther 19___
Year of release for Raiders of the Lost Ark and Chariots of Fire 19___
Number of Baldwin brothers
Age of Stockard Channing when she played 17 year old Betty Rizzo in Grease
Ladder ___ (d: Russell, s: Travolta)
United ___ (d: Greengrass, s: Basche)
Academy Award wins for Ben-Hur, Titanic & LOTR: ROTK
Worldwide gross of Avatar in $ - nearest billion
Number of posthumous Oscar nominations for James Dean
Number of years that Pierce Brosnan was contractually forbidden to wear a tux in a non-Bond film
Year of release for Rear Window and Dial M for Murder 19___
Year of release for The Lion King and Speed 19___
Times Bob Hope hosted the Oscars
Year Billy Crystal first hosted the Oscars 19___
Naked Gun ___ 1/3: The Final Insult (d: Segal, s: Nielsen)
Airport '___ (d: Jameson, s: Lemmon)
Dirk Diggler's penis length (inches)
Rapunzel's hair length in Disney's Tangled (feet)
Gloria Stuart's age when nominated for Titanic
Quvenzhané Wallis' age when nominated for Beasts of the Southern Wild
Year of release for Snow White and The Prince and the Pauper 19___
Year of release for There's Something About Mary and Mulan 19___
Dalmatians in the Disney film minus Easy Pieces in the 1970 Nicholson film
Dalmatians in the Disney sequel minus Things I Hate About You in the Ledger film
Buffalo ___ (d: Gallo, s: Ricci)
Passenger ___ (d: Hooks, s: Snipes)
Will Smith's Pounds multiplied by Joe Pesci's Heads in a Duffel Bag
Speed the DeLorean must reach to initiate the flux capacitor
Minutes in the 2007 Pacino film minus Minutes in the 2001 De Niro film
Stars in the Paramount Films logo
Year of release for Tootsie and E.T. 19___
Year of release for Midnight Cowboy and Easy Rider 19___
Peter O'Toole Best Actor nominations (zero wins)
Number of Oscar nominations for Walt Disney
Halloween H___: ___ Years Later (d: Carpenter, s: Curtis)
THX 11___ (d: Lucas, s: Duvall)
Hours stranded in Danny Boyle's Franco starrer minus Days Later in his Brit horror
Year the first animated film was nominated for Best Picture 19___
Year Ronald Reagan retired from acting 19___
Monkeys in Gilliams 1995 film mutliplied by Amigos in the 1986 Landis film
Year of release for Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Meatballs 19___
Year of release for Cabaret and The Godfather 19___
Years over which Linklater's Boyhood was filmed using the same cast
Clint Eastwood's age when he won Best Director for Million Dollar Baby
Zero Dark ___ (d: Bigelow, s: Chastain)
___ Brides for ___ Brothers (d: Donan, s: Keel)
Days of Summer in the Webb film minus Blows in the Truffaut film
Hours in the Murphy film plus Little Indians in the Christie adaptation
Age when Grace Kelly retired from acting
Age when Cary Grant retired from acting
Year of release for Frankenstein and City Lights 19___
Year of release for Rosemary's Baby and 2001: A Space Odyssey 19___
Year the first commercial VHS was released 19___
Years between Kathryn Hepburn's first and last Oscar nomination
___ Candles (d: Hughes, s: Ringwald)
___ Again (d: Steers, s: Efron)
Number of official Eon Bond films up to Skyfall
Number of actors to play Bond in Eon's films (through Skyfall)
Height of 'Jaws' actor Richard Kiel (inches)
Height of 'Mini-Me' actor Verne Troyer (inches)
Year of release for Look Who's Talking and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids 19___
Year of release for Citizen Kane and How Green Was My Valley 19___
Cost of a milkshake in Pulp Fiction $
Year first Academy Awards took place 19___
The ___th Hour (d: Lee, s: Norton)
K:___ The Widowmaker (d: Bigelow, s: Ford)
Product of multiplying the two numbers in the Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin film
Angry Men in the 1957 film plus Men in the 1987 Men and a Baby film
Size of the Randolph and Mortimer Duke bet in Trading Places $
Coins in the Fountain multiplied by Years in Tibet
Year of release for The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Jaws 19___
Year of release for The Lady and the Tramp and The Seven Year Itch 19___
Catch number in Nichols' Heller adaptation multiplied by Jakes in Nicholson's Chinatown sequel
Years a Slave in the McQueen film plus Days and Nights in the Hartnett film
19___ (d: Radford, s: Hurt)
The ___ Steps (d: Hitchcock, s: Donat)
First motion picture public presentation by Lumiere Brothers 18___
First film with recorded dialogue released 19___
First permanent IMAX theater built 19___
First Dates in the Sandler film plus Kings in the Clooney film
Year of Release for The Sound of Music and Dr Zhivago 19___
Year of release for L.A. Confidential and Good Will Hunting 19___
Year of birth for Harrison Ford and Barbra Streisand 19___
Year of birth for Andrew Garfield and Mila Kunis 19___
Code ___ (d: Winterbottom, s: Robbins)
___ Ronin (d: Rinsch s: Reeves)
Days in the Mickey Rourke/Kim Basinger film (rounded up)
Repeated number in the Joseph Gordon Levitt 2011 comedy drama
Hours in Sutherland's 'Redemption' TV Movie plus Dresses in Heigl's film
Days Around the World plus Graves to Cairo
Year of release for Breakfast at Tiffany's and West Side Story 19___
Year of release for Grease and Superman 19___

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