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Name the Newly Titled Famous Movie With a Single Letter Deleted Based on the Plot Synopsis Given.

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Vin Diesel eats, steals cars and races them. But mainly just eats
An irate Anthony Hopkins shuts up his neighbor's barking dogs by removing their livers and enjoying them with fava beans and a nice chianti
Jeff Bridges stars as The Dude, a man who loves women, men and bowling
Martin Sheen is given an assignment to kill a renegade special forces commander in Cambodia. He declines
A handful of Spartans take on the Persian army and get wiped out in 5 minutes
Retirement home resident Leo DiCaprio, evades his the attempts of his nurse (Tom Hanks) to find him and apply his catheter. Urine for thrills with this one!
1939 Clark Gable classic about a man and his heart-wrenching attempts to make peace with chronic gas pain
Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington stay inside, drink cocoa and play scrabble
Bob Hoskins tries to exonerate a cartoon Jewish synagogue leader
Captain Kirk does his laundry in this second sequel
Julia Roberts and Richard Gere enjoy a romantic getaway in Muscat
James Franco gets his arm stuck under a rock but luckily manages to free it half a day later
Brad Pitt stars as one half of a married gay couple, surprised to find out they are both rival hitmen
Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott get an early night and wake up to find their vehicle exactly where they'd left it
Uma Thurman takes care of her ailing mentor in a surprisingly touching and gore-free Tarantino drama
Joaquin Phoenix is called into his workplace human resources office after he continues to tell his co-workers about his creepy relationship with a computer
Ben Affleck plays a former CIA super-spy, that travels to Somalia to become a Pirate. I am the captain now
Tom Hanks travels to war-torn Berlin to set up a fruit filled pastry stand with Mark Rylance
Capra Christmas classic where the ruthless George Bailey deceives his local community and frames the innocent Mr Potter
Crazily self-referential Kubrick movie where a soldier witnesses the dehumanizing effects of the Vietnam war

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