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Name the Newly Titled Famous Movie With a Single Letter Changed Based on the Plot Synopsis Given.

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Johnny Depp and his sea-faring colleagues work on their core strength
Brad Pitt stars in a breathtaking mo-cap performance as a backwards aging sheep
James Stewart plays George Bailey - a man who really REALLY loves citrus fruit
John McClane is given a one man contract to refurbish the Nakatomi Plaza but is it too much job for one guy?
Lee Child's ex army ranger (Tom Cruise) gives up one man law enforcement and devotes himself to education
The boy wizard struggles through the embarrassing facial scruff of puberty
A homeless drifter (Peter Weller) joins the police and fights bad guys in a dystopian future
The outlaw wife of the Beatles legend aims to steal plans to the Death Star
Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe play star-crossed lovers and rival private eyes in 1970s LA
Keanu Reeves plays the vengeful ex-hitman whose plans for retribution go awry when he develops mono
Michael Cera and Jonah Hill can't pick up chicks in high school and they are FURIOUS about it
Arnold Schwarnanegger is the botanist who travels back in time to ensure successful plant growth
Andy Serkis mo-caps as the big ape with the mad table tennis skills
Sly Stallone is the arrogant boxer who thankfully gets his commupence when he fails to win the world title
Samuel L. Jackson asks for the chef's special but is disgusting by the reptile dish that appears
Steven Rea falls in love with a gourmet chef who turns out to actually be a short order cook
Ellen Burstyn and Jared Leto battle their Ben and Jerry's addiction but things go south when their favorite flavor is discontinued
Matt Damon plays bendy assistant to a magician (Tom Hanks) in a big budget adaptation of the contortionist magic trick
Hugh Grant is the UK PM/fastidious ornithologist who annoys everyone by constantly pointing out those are not pigeons
The Hard Knock Life musical is reimagined with the Terminator star taking the lead. You gotta hear his rendition of 'Tomorrow'!

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