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Name the Newly Titled Famous Movie With an 'ing' Added to one of the Words Based on the Plot Synopsis Given.

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Sam Neill and Laura Dern open up a dino-themed valet service
Morgan Freeman plays chauffer to an imaginary friend in this creepy horror
Nancy Kerrigan plots her revenge - with the help of Bruce Willis!
Liam Neeson fights the inevitable effects of aging. And wolves.
Gal Gadot is really really curious
Vin Diesel enjoys ramadan by stealing cars and racing them
John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson open a book recycling plant in this curiously low key Tarantino flick
George Lucas directs the edge-of-your-seat no blinking contest
Anna Kendrick gives up college acapella to take up MLB and becomes a strike out sensation
Three perplexing hours of a backwards aging man (Brad Pitt) struggling to get dressed
Naomi Watts in the Japanese horror remake. Tinnitus has never been so terrifying!
German U-boat thriller with computer power up problems
Patrick Swayze doesn't return Demi Moore's messages. Take the hint girl, he's just not that into you
Tobin Bell gives carpentry tips in the long running DIY horror franchise
Quirky Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling musical weirdly set at the top of a staircase
James Bond comes up against his greatest foe yet: Chicken Little
Al Pacino and Robert De Niro play rival engineers who specialize in indoor thermal comfort
A husband plans to have his wife killed by the Flash Gordon villain in this Hitchcock thriller
Brad Pitt plays the former UN investigator fighting to rid the world of witty one liners. And zombies.
Robert Downey Jr opens a dry cleaners with a killer shirt pressing service

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