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Now then, Dmitri, you know how we've always talked about the possibility of something going wrong with the Bomb... The *Bomb*, Dmitri... The *hydrogen* bomb!...1964
We have three days, at best, before the helium leaks out of those balloons. And if we're not at the falls when that happens...2009
A: 'Stop it, I'm...' B: '-on a lot of lithium?'2000
A: 'Negative, there is no replacement Beryllium Sphere on board.' B: 'No, there is no replacement Beryllium Sphere on board.'1999
Chuck, you're boron.2005
You're being put into carbon-freeze.1980
Dammit! The nitrous oxide's leaking into the car! OK, calm down... we just gotta keep under the speed limit... limit...1996
No! Love is like oxygen!2001
I *ingest* it, on orders from my neurophysiologist. It's legal. In five years they'll be putting it in the water for the citizens, like fluoride.1997
When I close my eyes, I see this thing, a sign, I see this name in bright blue neon lights with a purple outline.1997
We tried sodium amatol on him three years ago to find where he buried a Princeton student; he gave them a recipe for dip.2002
The entire roof cap is made out of a magnesium-tungsten alloy...1984
Ordinarily, I could do it with a piece of transparent aluminum...1986
I'd thought the KGB would have celebrated if Silicon Valley had been destroyed.1985
It was that phosphorescent stuff that gets churned up in the wake of a big ship. And it was - it was - it was leading me home.1995
Raining down sulphur is like an endurance trial man. Mass genocide is the most exhausting activity one can engage in, next to soccer.1999
A: 'You're not pissing in somebody's pool, are you?' B: 'Yeah, I'm fresh outta chlorine.'1990
Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium, all other countries have inferior potassium.2006
And you got arthritis in your neck, and you've got calcium deposits on most of your joints, so sparring is out.2006
A: 'Custom-made titanium alloy. It's what they use on the space shuttle.' B: 'Magic legs.'1994
These claws are adamantium, the strongest metal known, and can slice through vanadium steel like a hot knife through butter, buddy, you gotta ask yourself: 'Do I feel lucky?'1992
Don't be alarmed, ladies and gentlemen. Those chains are made of chrome steel.1933
Too much iron in your blood!2003
A: 'You think there's a connection between this Vigo character and the... slime?' B: 'Is the atomic weight of cobalt 58.9?'1989
Ah! A nickel! You see this? I quit. I open my own hotel.2004
Tod, that Copper is going to come back a hunting dog, a real killer.1981
So that night, when he came home, I fixed him his drink as usual. You know, some guys just can't hold their arsenic.2002
A: 'Head and Shoulders.' B: 'The dandruff shampoo?' B: 'Yeah, that's the stuff. The active ingredient is selenium sulfide.'2001
So what. You mean, to us, they're just meteorites. Fair enough. But the level of *specific* radioactivity is so high, to anyone from the planet Krypton, this substance is *lethal*!1978
Trust me, I know. I'm good at this stuff. I've been looking for a suitable replacement for palladium. I've tried every combination, every permutation of every known element.2010
Bela turned into a wolf and you killed him. A werewolf can only be killed by a silver bullet, or a silver knife...or a stick with a silver handle.1941
Goodbye, Tinman. Oh, don't cry! You'll rust so dreadfully. Here's your oil can.1939
A: 'I prefer to call it an 'atomic device.' It's small, but particularly dirty.' B: 'A dirty bomb? Cobalt and iodine?' A: 'Precisely.'1964
I have risked drowning in that foul bath! I have been par-boiled, irradiated and xenon-flashed! and now you suggest I...1971
Gold Five to Red leader, lost Tiree, lost Dutch...It came from behind!1977
A: 'Ford Lincoln Mercury Sable?' B: 'A personal conveyance named after its inventor, an assassinated ruler, a character from Greco-Roman myth and a small furry mammal.'1993
My farm? Here's my mothaf*ckin' farm! Kwan lo! I'm a lead farmer!2008
The gnomes were turning mushrooms into uranium, so three of the elves laid down heavy suppressive fire on the gnomes while the others maneuvered around to the right flank...2005
They wanted me to build them a bomb, so I took their plutonium and in turn, gave them a shiny bomb-casing full of used pinball machine parts!1985

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