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Can you name the actors who appeared on both Star Trek and Seinfeld?

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Star Trek characterActorSeinfeld character
Old Woman (VOY, 'Sacred Ground')Estelle Constanza
Devinoni Ral (TNG, 'The Price')Lloyd Braun
Rekelen (DS9, 'Profit and Loss')Susan Ross
Kurros (VOY, 'Think Tank')George Costanza
Crewman Elizabeth CutlerVivian ('The Blood')
Dalen Quaice (TNG, 'Remember Me')Sid Fields
Richard BashirBabu Bhatt
QuarkStan ('The Caddy')
Admiral Owen ParisMr. Wilhelm
B.G. Robinson (TNG, 'The Outrageous Okona')Sidra Holland
John Kelly (VOY, 'One Small Step')Jackie Chiles
Cyrus Redblock (TNG, 'The Big Goodbye')Alton Benes ('The Jacket')
Milo (VOY, 'Spirit Folk')Justin Pitt
Second Q (TNG, 'Deja Q')Himself ('The Trip')
Menos (ENT, 'The Seventh')Wyck Thayer
Elizabeth Shelby (TNG, 'The Best of Both Worlds')Allison, the Drakette ('The Handicapped Spot')
Ensign Ro LarenJulie ('The Big Salad')
Balok (TOS, 'The Corbomite Maneuvre')Tobias Lehigh Nagy ('The Trip')
Rain Robinson (VOY, 'Future's End')Emily ('The Money')
K'Vada (TNG, 'Unification')Mr. Lager ('The Invitations')

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