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Can you name the people and events of the First Crusade?

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Byzantine emperor who asked for help from the west
Council where the crusade was called in November 1095
Pope who assembled the council
Bishop of Le Puy who was appointed leader and papal legate
Monk who preached the crusade in northern France
Jewish communities were attacked along this European river
German crusader who led the attacks on the Jews
Count of Toulouse who was one of the first to be recruited
Brother of the king of France
Duke of Normandy
Duke of Lower Lorraine
Brother of the previous
Cousin of the previous two
Count of Blois
Prince of Taranto
Nephew of the previous
Eastern European kingdom crossed by the crusaders
Byzantine port to which other crusaders sailed
Capital of the Byzantine Empire
Byzantine guide who led the crusaders through Anatolia
City captured by the Byzantines and Crusaders, June 19, 1097
City was captured from this Turkic dynasty
Leader of that Turkic dynasty
Crusaders defeated the Turks here on July 1, 1097
First Crusader state, established in 1098
City besieged by the Crusaders 1097-1098
This emir of Mosul attempted to retake the city
Relic discovered there by Peter Bartholomew
The Crusaders may have committed cannibalism at the siege of this town
The Crusaders captured Jerusalem on this day in 1099
This building in Jerusalem was their ultimate goal
Battle won by the crusaders on August 12, 1099
The crusaders defeated this Egyptian dynasty
Anonymous Norman Italian chronicle of the crusade
French priest, wrote a chronicle that ends in 1127
French abbot, author of a chronicle
Breton abbot, author of a chronicle
Byzantine princess who wrote about the Crusaders
Provencal priest, author of a chronicle

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