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Can you name the 99 names of Allah?

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The Compassionate
The Most Merciful
The King
The Most Holy
The Source of Peace
The Guardian of Faith
The Protector
The Almighty
The Compeller
The Majestic
The Creator
The Maker
The Fashioner
The Forgiver
The Subduer
The Bestower
The Provider
The Opener
The All-Knowing
The Constricter
The Extender
The Abaser
The Exalter
The Honorer
The Dishonorer
The All-Hearing
The All-Seeing
The Judge
The Just
The Gracious
The Aware
The Forebearing
The Mighty
The All-Forgiving
The Grateful
The Sublime
The Great
The Preserver
The Maintainer
The Reckoner
The Beneficent
The Generous
The Watcher
The Responsive
The Vast
The Wise
The Loving
The Most Glorious
The Ressurector
The Witness
The Truth
The Trustee
The Strong
The Firm
The Supporter
The Praiseworthy
The Reckoner
The Originator
The Reproducer
The Giver of Life
The Destroyer
The Alive
The Self-Subsisting
The Perceiver
The Illustrious
The Unique
The One
The Eternal
The Able
The Dominant
The Expediter
The Delayer
The First
The Last
The Manifest
The Hidden
The Governor
The Most Exalted
The Souce of Goodness
The Relenting
The Avenger
The Pardoner
The One with Extreme Mercy
The Owner of Sovreignty
The Lord of Majesty and Bounty
The Equitable
The Gatherer
The Self-Sufficient
The Enricher
The Withholder
The Distresser
The Propitious
The Light
The Guide
The Incomparable
The Everlasting
The Heir
The Guide to the Right Path
The Patient

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