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A male domestic cat that was famous for travelling on a No. 3 bus in Plymouth.
The mascot of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, and later the Chessie System, whose slogan was 'sleep like a kitten.'
The pet and muse of designer Karl Lagerfeld.
From the TV series Daktari that ran from 1966 to 1969.
The first cloned cat.
The world's oldest cat (1967–2005). Owned by Jake Perry.
The library cat from Spencer, Iowa. Born Nov 1987; abandoned at the Library in Jan 1988; died (euthanized) December 2006.
A cat famous for assisting the NYPD and Brooklyn District Attorney's Office in 2006.
An Internet celebrity known for her grumpy facial expression.
A cat considered by Guinness Book of World Records as potentially one of the world's smallest.
Internet film noir 'existential' cat.
Dr. Samuel Johnson's favourite cat, famously recorded in James Boswell's Life of Johnson, as shedding light on his owner's character.
A cat who took up residence at 10 Downing Street in during John Major's tenure as Prime Minister, and was retired to a new address shortly after Tony Blair came to power.
A cat who was lost by American Airlines baggage handlers at John F Kennedy airport before Hurricane Irene.
An Internet celerity.
The Downing Street cat from 2011.
Not strictly a cat, the lion that has been MGM's logo since 1957.
A cat who became infamous after being placed under house arrest.
The busdrivers' nickname of a British cat, white with different-coloured eyes, known for regularly catching the local bus by himself.
Once the world's heaviest cat.
The cat who guarded the entrance to the British museum.
The cat on the Ernest Shackleton expedition.
The ship's cat on board Belgica during the Belgian Antarctic Expedition 1897-99.
A cat featured in Breakfast at Tiffany's and other movies.
The hospice cat, written up in the New England Journal of Medicine for his uncanny ability to predict which patients will die by curling up to sleep with them hours before their de
The cat who inspired an otherwise unknown 8th (or 9th) century Irish monk to write a poem cataloguing their similarities.
The only animal to have an obituary in Wisden Cricketers' Almanack.
The Russian police sniffer cat on Stavropol, who died in the line of duty fighting against illegal endangered sturgeon fish traffic on 2003.
Saved her kittens one by one from a fire in Brooklyn NY, suffering horrible burns in the process.
A cat famous for his posts on Twitter the microblogging site.
The official 'First Cat' of the United States under U.S. President Bill Clinton.
A cat who was elected mayor of the town of Talkeetna, Alaska in 1997, as a write-in candidate.
A calico cat who is the station master at Kinokawa, Wakayama railway station, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.
The first cat to circumnavigate Australia. Belonged to Matthew Flinders.
Famous mascot of the British Royal Navy.
A cat who lives in a convenience store in Hong Kong. He has appeared in a book, and in advertising and on TV programs
Downing Street cat under four British Prime Ministers.
A cat lost from a Boulder, Colorado home, who was discovered 5 years later and 1,800 miles away in New York City.

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