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What kind of Dragon is Norbert?
What is the book shop in Diagon Alley called?
What is the name of Albus Dumbledore's sister?
Name the First Chapter in The Philosophers Stone?
What is the make and model of the car that flies into the whomping willow?
What subject Dumbledore teach when Tom Riddle was at school?
Whats the name of Bartemius Crouch's house elf?
What is Ron Weasley's middle name?
Who was the original Muggle Studies Teacher at hogwarts?
What is the full name of the headmaster of Hogwarts when Tom Riddle was there?
Whats the name of the werewolf who bit Lupin?
Whats Bellatrix Lestrange's husband called?
Name the seeker from the Irish Quidditch team?
Name the keeper from the Bulgarian Quidditch team
Whats the spell used to lock a door?
What is Ernie Macmillan's patronus?
Name the 10th chapter in The Philosophers Stone?
Whats Nicolas Flamel's wife called?
What was the quidditch score between Gryffindor and Slytherin in The Prisoner of Azkaban?
Name the 4 known centaurs in alphabetical order
What is the enscription on the mirror of Erised?
What does the enscription mean?
What is the name of Petunia Dursleys friend who is unable to look after Harry in the first book?
Where was she on holiday at the time?
Name the 6 passwords to the headmasters office in alphabetical order
According to Hogwarts a History, what would be written on the sign a muggle would see where Hogwarts is located?
Who is the Apparition Instructor who teaches Harry to Apparate in the great hall?
Who was the original Gurg of the giants when Hagrid visited?
Who became the new Gurg after beheading Karkus?
What team was Eileen Prince captain of?
What is the first name of the male owner of Honeydukes?
What is the first name of shop owner Burke?
How much did Burke purchase Slytherins locket off Merope for?
How many sickles are there in a galleon?
How many knuts are there in a sickle?
What kind of charm did Hermione use to create the fake galleons for the DA?
How many known death eaters has there been (not including Voldemort)?
What was the name of Lavender Brown's rabbit that was killed?
How was Sybill Trelawney related to her famous seer relative?
What was her relative's name?
What was the name of the author who was at the Slug Club christmas party?
What was the name of the vampire at the party?

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