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Can you name the people who share these exact October birthdates (born of different mothers)?

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Known for/as...NameDate of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
Curly haired member of The Three Stooges10/05/1902
Founder and CEO of McDonald's10/05/1902
Legendary Comedian famously convicted on obscenity charges in '64 10/13/1925
Only female British Prime Minister, served from 1979-90 10/13/1925
Afro-Cuban singer/dancer known as the Queen of Salsa10/21/1925
Played 'Trixie Norton' on The Honeymooners10/21/1925
'Da Coach' led the 1985 Chicago Bears to Championship10/18/1939
JFK Assassin10/18/1939
Current U.S. Secretary of State, former First Lady10/26/1947
He often hears 'I'd like to buy a vowel' or 'I'm going to spin again'10/26/1947
Only Angel to stay for all five seasons of 'Charlie's Angels'10/26/1947
Played Lois to Reeve's Superman10/17/1948
Norm on Cheers, also a 'Superfan' on SNL10/17/1948
Not an Ignorant ****, but spent 13 years as co-host of NBC's The Today Show, and another 12 years anchoring Dateline NBC10/31/1950
'Stripes' 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' and 'Uncle Buck'10/31/1950
Former Duchess of York (1986-96)10/15/1959
Known for/as...NameDate of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
Former Food Network star who liked to shout 'Bam!'10/15/1959
Former Prosecutor and current outspoken host of her self-titled show on HLN10/23/1959
Song parodies such as 'Eat It' 'White & Nerdy' and 'Amish Paradise' as well as the film 'UHF'10/23/1959
Director of Lord of The Rings Trilogy10/31/1961
Drummer for U210/31/1961
Won 'Worst Supporting Actress' Raspberry Award for her role in Battlefield Earth, alongside her husband John Travolta10/13/1962
Hall of Fame Receiver, most notably for the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders, #8010/13/1962
Was named greatest goalie in the history of ice hockey, won 2 championships each with Montreal Canadiens and Colorado Avalanche10/05/1965
Legendary hockey player for 17 years with the Pittsburgh Penguins, now owner and COB of the team10/05/1965
1993 Grammy winner for Best New Artist, held #1 on US charts for 11 weeks with 'Un-Break My Heart'10/07/1968
Lead singer and frontman of Radiohead10/07/1968
Soloist, producer, and former member of The Fugees10/17/1972
Alter Ego of Marshall Mathers10/17/1972
Canadian Actress starred in Mean Girls, The Notebook, and Time Traveler's Wife10/07/1976
Season 5 silver-haired winner of American Idol10/07/1976

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