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Can you name the Rocko's Modern Life characters?

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Really Really Big Man's alais
Mr. Dupette's assistant
Heffer's girlfriend
Star of 'Enter the Rodent'
Win a Kitchen contestants
Rocko's bully
Filburt on Kerplopitgoes Island
Filburt's Aunt
Rocko's Fish
Grandpa Wolfe
Hospital nurses
Rocko's Sister
Bighead Studios executives
Filburt's pet bread
Rocko's Appendix
Rocko's Pen Pal
Mrs. Bighead's dog
Heffer's Sister
Dating show candidates
Dr. Hutchinson
Hippo Lady
Golf cousre boss (Darth Vader costume)
Mr. Hutchinson
The Slug
Filburt's children
Jackhammer champion
Talking Foot
The Guttergals
Mr. Lucky
Filburt's pet bird
Mrs. Wolfe
Filburt (last name)
Chameleon Bros.
Rocko's uncle
Mr. Bighead's pirate name
Fishing Captain
The Cheese
Dog cathcer
Filburt's singing idol
Mrs. Hutchinson
Win A Kitchen host
Enchanted Upchucks
Rocko's Crushes
The Wild Pig
Mail carrier (Wallace's sister)
Spunky's Parasites
Heffer's Brother
Mr. Wolfe
Employees chosen for the Hot Tub Department
The Fly
Frank's nickname
Home imporvement show host

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