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Can you name every incorporated place in the Washington–Baltimore–Arlington, District of Columbia-Maryland-Virginia-West Virginia-Pennsylvania Combined Statistical Area?

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Population (2015 est.)PlaceCounty / Counties
672,228District of Columbia, DC
621,849Independent City (MD)
153,511Independent City (VA)
69,479Frederick, MD
67,456Montgomery, MD
66,980Montgomery, MD
58,025Prince George's, MD
51,209Loudoun, VA
41,764Independent City (VA)
40,432Washington, MD
39,474Anne Arundel, MD
32,301Prince George's, MD
28,118Independent City (VA)
27,284Independent City (VA)
26,215Prince George's, MD
24,568Fairfax, VA
24,272Prince George's, MD
24,013Independent City (VA)
20,691Franklin, PA
18,670Carroll, MD
18,501Prince George's, MD
17,713Montgomery, MD
17,700Berkeley, WV
17,557Culpeper, VA
16,617Talbot, MD
16,522Fairfax, VA
15,726Independent City (VA)
15,580Harford, MD
15,070Warren, VA
13,892Independent City (VA)
13,504Harford, MD
12,786Prince George's, MD
12,507Dorchester, MD
10,848Franklin, PA
10,190Harford, MD
9,897Fauquier, VA
9,640Prince George's, MD
9,380Carroll; Frederick, MD
9,232Loudoun, VA
9,125Charles, MD
8,475Prince George's, MD
7,305Prince George's, MD
6,746Carroll, MD
6,485Prince George's, MD
6,454Frederick, MD
6,359Carroll, MD
6,326Prince George's, MD
6,144Prince George's, MD
6,116Frederick, MD
5,993Frederick, MD
5,899Jefferson, WV
5,873Calvert, MD
Population (2015 est.)PlaceCounty / Counties
5,217Prince William, VA
5,201Montgomery, MD
4,941Jefferson, WV
4,818Carroll, MD
4,780Prince George's, MD
4,627Queen Anne's, MD
4,574Prince George's, MD
4,469Frederick, MD
4,412Carroll, MD
4,300Clarke, VA
4,043Franklin, PA
3,857Charles, MD
3,633St. Mary’s, MD
3,455Washington, MD
3,280Prince George's, MD
3,191Prince George's, MD
3,021Frederick, MD
2,998Washington, MD
2,985Montgomery, MD
2,665Prince George's, MD
2,573Prince George's, MD
2,330Montgomery, MD
2,162Washington, MD
2,086Prince George's, MD
2,079Jefferson, WV
2,060Montgomery, MD
2,045Dorchester, MD
2,014Calvert, MD
1,980Prince William, VA
1,940Frederick, VA
1,934Loudoun, VA
1,811Prince George's, MD
1,773Hampshire, WV
1,733Franklin, PA
1,708Frederick, MD
1,570Prince George's, MD
1,558Franklin, PA
1,550Washington, MD
1,518Prince George's, MD
1,469Prince George's, MD
1,400Carroll, MD
1,370Prince George's, MD
1,315Frederick, VA
1,288Montgomery, MD
1,196Frederick, MD
1,159Washington, MD
Cumberland; Franklin, PA
1,060Jefferson, WV
1,045Talbot, MD
1,044Montgomery, MD
1,025Prince William; Fairfax, VA
1,025Talbot, MD
Population (2015 est.)PlaceCounty / Counties
989Montgomery, MD
977Montgomery, MD
971Carroll, MD
884Washington, MD
807Loudoun, VA
801Montgomery, MD
747Queen Anne's, MD
704Washington, MD
697Frederick, MD
693Montgomery, MD
667Prince George's, MD
652Queen Anne's, MD
641Loudoun, VA
627Fauquier, VA
621Talbot, MD
615Clarke, VA
609Loudoun, VA
588Montgomery, MD
578Montgomery, MD
540Prince George's, MD
537Prince William, VA
529Dorchester, MD
485Queen Anne's, MD
390Dorchester, MD
374Montgomery, MD
362Hampshire, WV
351Washington, MD
319Berkeley, WV
307Frederick, MD
295Jefferson, WV
295Fairfax, VA
276Dorchester, MD
272Montgomery, MD
265Franklin, PA
226Fauquier, VA
216Queen Anne's; Talbot, MD
178Montgomery, MD
155Frederick, MD
139Montgomery, MD
136Dorchester, MD
128Rappahannock, VA
123Dorchester, MD
118Queen Anne's, MD
101Anne Arundel, MD
96Loudoun, VA
Queen Anne's; Caroline, MD
66Prince George's, MD
59Dorchester, MD
58Dorchester, MD
Kent; Queen Anne's, MD
13Charles, MD

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