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Can you name every incorporated place in the Philadelphia–Camden–Wilmington, Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Delaware-Maryland Metropolitan Statistical Area?

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Population (2015 est.)PlaceCounty / Counties
1,567,442Philadelphia, PA
76,119Camden, NJ
71,948New Castle, DE
71,340Camden, NJ
63,939Camden, NJ
47,862Gloucester, NJ
45,577Burlington, NJ
41,842Burlington, NJ
39,019Camden, NJ
36,862Gloucester, NJ
35,628Camden, NJ
34,412Montgomery, PA
34,092Delaware, PA
33,817New Castle, DE
31,270Burlington, NJ
30,569Gloucester, NJ
29,370Camden, NJ
27,771Burlington, NJ
23,414Burlington, NJ
22,826Burlington, NJ
22,664Montgomery, PA
21,420Gloucester, NJ
20,564Burlington, NJ
20,372New Castle, DE
19,842Chester, PA
19,216Gloucester, NJ
18,963Burlington, NJ
17,458Camden, NJ
16,767Burlington, NJ
16,669Gloucester, NJ
16,658Chester, PA
16,651Burlington, NJ
16,512Montgomery, PA
15,782Cecil, MD
15,054Gloucester, NJ
14,543Camden, NJ
14,000Camden, NJ
13,148Chester, PA
12,984Gloucester, NJ
12,827Salem, NJ
12,688Burlington, NJ
12,428Burlington, NJ
12,295Gloucester, NJ
11,935Burlington, NJ
11,523Delaware, PA
11,462Camden, NJ
11,414Camden, NJ
11,329Camden, NJ
10,753Camden, NJ
10,687Delaware, PA
10,639Delaware, PA
10,510Camden, NJ
10,380Gloucester, NJ
10,337Burlington, NJ
10,020Gloucester, NJ
9,808Burlington, NJ
9,569Bucks, PA
9,493Burlington, NJ
9,081Salem, NJ
8,898Gloucester, NJ
8,855Bucks, PA
8,792Delaware, PA
8,788Burlington, NJ
8,730Camden, NJ
8,726Burlington, NJ
8,605Bucks, PA
8,574Burlington, NJ
8,493Gloucester, NJ
8,471Bucks, PA
8,381Camden, NJ
8,301Bucks, PA
8,078Delaware, PA
8,078Burlington, NJ
7,997Burlington, NJ
7,956Montgomery, PA
7,946Chester, PA
7,846Salem, NJ
Population (2015 est.)PlaceCounty / Counties
7,609Burlington, NJ
7,590Camden, NJ
7,572Burlington, NJ
7,514Camden, NJ
7,411Montgomery, PA
7,314Burlington, NJ
7,173Delaware, PA
7,035Delaware, PA
7,013Camden, NJ
6,954Burlington, NJ
6,817Camden, NJ
6,747Montgomery, PA
6,684Delaware, PA
6,637Delaware, PA
6,505Montgomery, PA
6,481Delaware, PA
6,419Burlington, NJ
6,211Delaware, PA
6,167Chester, PA
6,146New Castle, DE
6,053Burlington, NJ
6,011Burlington, NJ
5,989Gloucester, NJ
5,983Gloucester, NJ
5,898Delaware, PA
5,702Delaware, PA
5,460Camden, NJ
5,434Camden, NJ
5,385Chester, PA
5,382New Castle, DE
5,363Delaware, PA
5,287Montgomery, PA
4,947Camden, NJ
4,945Salem, NJ
4,894Salem, NJ
4,861Montgomery; Bucks, PA
4,857Gloucester, NJ
4,771Montgomery, PA
4,639Camden, NJ
4,564Montgomery, PA
4,541Burlington, NJ
4,437Cecil, MD
4,431Montgomery, PA
4,309Montgomery, PA
4,298Camden, NJ
4,224Gloucester, NJ
4,212Bucks, PA
4,165Delaware, PA
4,156Gloucester, NJ
4,085Burlington, NJ
4,069Bucks, PA
4,063Salem, NJ
3,992Camden, NJ
3,882Burlington, NJ
3,873Montgomery, PA
3,778Camden, NJ
3,723Cecil, MD
3,687Chester, PA
3,553Montgomery, PA
3,524Salem, NJ
3,430Chester, PA
3,423Salem, NJ
3,376Salem, NJ
3,355Burlington, NJ
3,322Chester, PA
3,306Montgomery, PA
3,251Delaware, PA
3,250Montgomery, PA
3,138Gloucester, NJ
3,017Bucks, PA
3,010Gloucester, NJ
2,999Gloucester, NJ
2,985Montgomery, PA
2,944Camden, NJ
2,919Camden, NJ
2,859Chester, PA
2,859Cecil, MD
Population (2015 est.)PlaceCounty / Counties
2,748Burlington, NJ
2,695Delaware, PA
2,665Delaware, PA
2,626Delaware, PA
2,613Gloucester, NJ
2,569Salem, NJ
2,559Burlington, NJ
2,553Delaware, PA
2,541Montgomery, PA
2,510Bucks, PA
2,441Bucks, PA
2,407Delaware, PA
2,397Delaware, PA
2,383Montgomery, PA
2,334Delaware, PA
2,254Gloucester, NJ
2,244Camden, NJ
2,222Bucks, PA
2,221Bucks, PA
2,177New Castle, DE
2,169Bucks, PA
1,933Camden, NJ
1,884Camden, NJ
1,859Bucks, PA
1,844Delaware, PA
1,829Salem, NJ
1,793Burlington, NJ
1,758Chester, PA
1,750Salem, NJ
1,741New Castle, DE
1,713Salem, NJ
1,634Camden, NJ
1,599Bucks, PA
1,534Gloucester, NJ
1,449Burlington, NJ
1,435Chester, PA
1,431Bucks, PA
1,408Chester, PA
1,399Chester, PA
1,398Montgomery, PA
1,392Montgomery, PA
1,383Burlington, NJ
1,381Montgomery, PA
1,343Salem, NJ
1,314Chester, PA
1,312Bucks, PA
1,198Cecil, MD
1,187New Castle, DE
1,162Delaware, PA
1,058New Castle, DE
1,053Bucks, PA
1,011Camden, NJ
997Salem, NJ
996Bucks, PA
959Bucks, PA
949Delaware, PA
860Camden, NJ
858Bucks, PA
856Bucks, PA
796Burlington, NJ
795Delaware, PA
691Cecil, MD
674Burlington, NJ
671Cecil, MD
659Cecil, MD
532Burlington, NJ
528Chester, PA
500Montgomery, PA
450New Castle, DE
374New Castle, DE
272New Castle, DE
236New Castle, DE
Kent; New Castle, DE
12Camden, NJ
5Camden, NJ
Kent; New Castle, DE

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