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First LinePoemLast line
Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me tooWhere the Sidewalk Ends
I'll tell you the story of Jimmy JetWhere the Sidewalk Ends
'She's coming,' the farmer said to the owl.Where the Sidewalk Ends
Oh, I'm being eatenWhere the Sidewalk Ends
The googies are coming, the old people sayWhere the Sidewalk Ends
One sister for sale!Where the Sidewalk Ends
'I cannot go to school today,'Where the Sidewalk Ends
There is place where the sidewalk endsWhere the Sidewalk Ends
The CrocodileWhere the Sidewalk Ends
Sarah Cynthia Sylvia StoutWhere the Sidewalk Ends
A long time ago when the earth was greenWhere the Sidewalk Ends
I'll sing you a poem of a silly young kingWhere the Sidewalk Ends
'This is the hour,' said Santa ClausWhere the Sidewalk Ends
He rode through the woods on a big blue oxWhere the Sidewalk Ends
Said General clay to General GoreWhere the Sidewalk Ends
I'll tell you the story of Cloony the ClownA Light in the Attic
I've been working so hard you just wouldn't believeA Light in the Attic
There once was a hippo who wanted to flyA Light in the Attic
The sea is a-roarin', the sea gulls they screechA Light in the Attic
First LinePoemLast line
There was a girl named AbigailA Light in the Attic
Said the Toad to the KangarooA Light in the Attic
Clarence Lee from TennesseeA Light in the Attic
This morning I got kidnappedA Light in the Attic
They've put a brassiere on the camelA Light in the Attic
I tripped on my shoelaceFalling Up
No I do not want a kittenFalling Up
Let's have one day for the girls and boysesFalling Up
Danny O'Dare the dancin' bearFalling Up
Long-Leg Lou and Short-Leg SueFalling Up
Rice Krispies stay crisp, though they now and then lispFalling Up
This cold is too much for my shirtsleeveFalling Up
I got grabbed by the elk and the caribouFalling Up
It wasn't quite day and it wasn't quite nightFalling Up
Wrapped myself in toilet paperFalling Up
Tonight's my first night as watchdogFalling Up
No - I did not take a napFalling Up
My uncle said, 'How do you get to school?'Falling Up

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