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AnagramAuthor Initials & Genre
Tiring Kickball DoomH.L. - Classic
Buyback TaleA.S. - Children's
Golfer Seen Nana BegL.M.M. - Children's
The Cow StablerE.B.W. - Children's
A Twin Shrew Heeled RightM.S. - Children's
Daft Lovely HellosJ.S. - Romance
The Hairy Hedgehog Tux Sketch Alit ID.A. - Science Fiction, Humor
A Hardheartedly Honestly Wroth PlotJ.K.R. - Fantasy, Children's
Go Doom NothingM.W.B. - Children's
A Societal Foe TwitC.D. - Classic
AnagramAuthor Initials & Genre
Enter Renowned HeathenA.C. - Mystery
The Intellect RipA.S-E. - Foreign, Children's
Hey Ethnic ChattererJ.D.S. - Classic
A Lively Pryer Turth ChangerE.C. - Children's
Catch Divine OneD.B. - Thriller
A Shenanigan Loving Jolt ****R.B. - Self Help, Spiritual
Threefold Right SonJ.R.R.T. - Fantasy
Owned White ThingM.M. - Historical Fiction
O Wholehearted Handwritten BitchC.S.L. - Fantasy, Religious
Theoretically Confected or Ha HaR.D. - Children's

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