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Forced Order
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What is the Phoenix?What does the cover say (Don't say Phoenix)
Who Edited the Phoenix?
Who Published the Phoenix?On the first page (bottom)
What's the full address to the temple?
What was the first Greek Letter Fraternity?It's not SAE..
When was the first Greek Letter Fraternity founded?Same year as the Declaration
When was SAE first founded?
Who founded SAE?Founding Father (N)
What was he walking by when he thought of SAE?It's not Alabama, but it is in it.
What school was the first chapter at?
What's the chapter name?
Who was not present at the first meeting?Founding Father (he's last)
Who was the first President?
Who was the first secretary elected?
Who was the editor of the Livingston Messenger?
Who was the first Alabamian to die in the Civil War?
Which founding father is buried in Nashville?
How many founding fathers have facial hair?
Which founding father, other than Devotie, die in the Civil War?
What was the name of the first and only female initiate into SAE?
Who gave her the papers?
What chapter was he from?
Who retrieved the papers from her?
When was the first issue of The Record published?
Who expanded the fraternity into the north?group of guys (brothers)
Who was the first pledge?
Who recieved the first numbered badge?
What chapter/school did he go to?
Which President was in SAE?
Who designed the temple?
Who oversaught the construction of the temple?
What does the K in Nippert's name stand for?
What is the name of the temple?
Who founded the annual Leadership School?
Who painted the 'School of Athens' in the Temple?
What room was it in?
What's the name of the marine who recieved the Medal of Honor?
Where did Lauren Foreman go to school?
What year did he attend?
Where did John O Mosley go to school?
What year did he attend?
Where did Albert M Austin go to school?
What year did he attend?
Who is Albert M Austin?
Where did Alfred K Nippert go to school?
What year did he attend?
Where did William C. Levere go to school?
What year did he attend?
Where is the Michigan Mud Bowl held?
Parliamentary Procedure First Step:
Second Step
Third Step
Fourth Step
Fifth Step
Sixth Step
Seventh Step
First Convention Held:
How many alumnis are in Tennessee?
How many are in guam?
How many are in Puerto Rico?
How many are in Quebec?
How many are in Newfoundland
Last word in the Phoenix?
How many pages are in the Pheonix?
What region are we in?
What province are we in?
When was our chapter founded?
What is our Chapter name?
What is our Chapter number?
Who wrote Violets?Two guys
Where were the first financial documents held?it's in something, not a location
How many positions are on the Supreme Council?page 77 under supreme council
What was Devotie's GPA?its out of 100 (ex: 56.23)
What is the highest award an SAE chapter can recieve?
What year did our chapter win this?
What does it look like?
Which Chapter died out before SAE was started at Alabama?
What shape is the badge?
What colors is the brother badge?
How long is the badge?
How wide is the badge?
What is the colors of the SAE Flag?
What do the 22 fleur-de-lis stand for?
Who is Minerva?
What does EDA stand for?
What does EA stand for?
What did John Webb Kerr realize they were eating at the meeting?
What school was the first Greek letter fraternity located?It's not an SAE chapter
First 5 ESA's : 1st
Who wrote the TG?
What year was the TG written?
What edition is the Phoenix? What year was it published?

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