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QUIZ: Can you name the Ancient Civilizations through the Renaissance?

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Random Intro to History Question: What are the freezing times 1.6 Million years ago known as?
Gifts of _______ include: Rise of Kingship, Mathematics, The world's first cities, the invention of the wheel, development of writing, and astronomy
As one of the most known civilizations in history, this civilization's government was usually a Hierarchy. The Pharaoh at the top, to peasants at the bottom.
Ancient _____'s inventions still have lots of impacts on us today. Some include: paper, printing, and even the compass. Others even include silk, a precious material derived from s
_______ is sometimes underrated by many people. It is a considerably interesting country if you look at its history. This country had lots of smart astronomers and mathematicians.
_______ is also a famous ancient civilization acknowledged by many people. It is famous for its mythology and gods, usually many people who read it get hooked.
_______, was once a great empire led by smart leaders. However, the great empire came to its end in 410 B.C

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