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Can you name the NBA's highest scoring players of the 90's?

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Points Player NameTeam
21,370Utah Jazz
18,014Chicago Bulls
16,914New York Knicks
16,715San Antonio Spurs
16,613Sacramento Kings
16,484Houston Rockets
16,319Indiana Pacers
15,371Miami Heat
14,852Phoenix Suns
14,040Chicago Bulls
12,826Golden State Warriors
12,711Portland Trailblazers
12,611Seattle SuperSonics
12,452Seattle SuperSonics
12,447Utah Jazz
12,404Seattle SuperSonics
12,357Portland Trailblazers
12,354Detroit Pistons
12,343Orlando Magic
12,155Golden State Warriors
12,111Atlanta Hawks
11,503Seattle SuperSonics
11,451Utah Jazz
11,102Atlanta Hawks
10,897Indiana Pacers
10,870Seattle SuperSonics
10,851Washington Wizards
10,798Phoenix Suns
10,768Houston Rockets
10,705Phoenix Suns
10,650Orlando Magic
10,376New Jersey Nets
10,261Atlanta Hawks
10,055Charlotte Hornets
Points Player NameTeam
10,021San Antonio Spurs
9,928New Jersey Nets
9,757New York Knicks
9,713Portland Trailblazers
9,691Charlotte Hornets
9,611New Jersey Nets
9,541Charlotte Hornets
9,385Phoenix Suns
9,298Chicago Bulls
9,271Houston Rockets
9,179New York Knicks
9,173Atlanta Hawks
9,146Indiana Pacers
9,143Miami Heat
8,985Seattle SuperSonics
8,902Los Angeles Lakers
8,767Chicago Bulls
8,674Milwaukee Bucks
8,468Charlotte Hornets
8,287Denver Nuggets
8,153Los Angeles Lakers
8,116Phoenix Suns
8,032Golden State Warriors
7,986Washington Bullets
7,981Minnesota Timberwolves
7,967Boston Celtics
7,964Milwaukee Bucks
7,863Sacramento Kings
7,832Cleveland Cavaliers
7,828Dallas Mavericks
7,826New Jersey Nets
7,811Minnesota Timberwolves
7,803Minnesota Timberwolves
7,762Denver Nuggets
Points Player NameTeam
7,725Orlando Magic
7,707Boston Celtics
7,694New York Knicks
7,680Minnesota Timberwolves
7,647Minnesota Timberwolves
7,595Philadelphia 76ers
7,487Detroit Pistons
7,377Houston Rockets
7,285Los Angeles Lakers
7,277Milwaukee Bucks
7,241Los Angeles Lakers
7,153Phoenix Suns
7,135Cleveland Cavaliers
7,117 San Antonio Spurs
7,018Orlando Magic
6,966Seattle SuperSonics
6,952New York Knicks
6,905New York Knicks
6,898Los Angeles Lakers
6,865Utah Jazz
6,815New York Knicks
6,741Los Angeles Clippers
6,617San Antonio Spurs
6,613Washington Bullets
6,602Detroit Pistons
6,463Los Angeles Lakers
6,459Los Angeles Lakers
6,454Golden State Warriors
6,439Boston Celtics
6,432Portland Trailblazers
6,424Atlanta Hawks
6,361Minnesota Timberwolves

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