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StatementTrue/FalseExtra Info
You can create your own Mii on the 3DSFinally you can truely personalize your DS
You can change how powerful the 3D effect isIf 3D bothers you this is perfect
There are over 30 games already being made for the DS right nowThere is going to be better releases when it comes out
WHen yoou walk by someone who also has a 3DS, you can see their information.Dont over personalize your 3DS or turn wireless communicaton of while you have it with you
The 3Ds be able to play Gameboy Advance games from a cartridgeUnfourtunely not
Both screens on the 3DS are the same sizeNo the top screen is a bit larger
The 3DS cannot play DS gamesThank goodness
The 3DS will be able to play Gameboy Advance games by buying them from the shop channelGood and not as good as using catridges
Pokemon Black and White are going to have an exclusive feature on the 3DSIts the same as the walk by feature but you can probably get their friend code or something along the lines
The camera on the 3DS is exactly the same as the DSi's applicationYou can take a picture of yourself and it will make a Mii. It can also sense when your face is close to the screen(certain games will use this feature, most likely involving animals hint hint)
StatementTrue/FalseExtra Info
The 3DS is larger than the DSiIts as big as the original I believe
Nintendo and Capcom are going to come together and mix Pheonix Right Ace Attorney with Professor LaytonNo official name but there is a little information about it in the December 2010 Nintendo Power issue
3DS games are just a little bit bigger than DS gamesSo they cant fit in the DS of course
Kid Icarus is coming back on the 3DSKid Icarus Uprising
The 3DS comes out in March for JapanMarch for the U.S. Febuary for Japan
They are making a remake of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time for the 3DSNo information if there is any new features but hopefully
Nintendogs is coming back on the 3DS called Nintendogs+CatsNew puppies and even newer cats for us to choose, train, and play with. If you put your face by the camera the dogs will lick the screen as if they were licking you
The bottom screen on the 3DS is largerIt would probably be harder to have a bottom screen bigger
A Super Smash Bros. is planned to be released right after the release of the 3DSThey probably have a plan for a Super Smash Bros. but not right now
The pen slot is located where the DSi's pen slot is locatedThey are kind of reverting back to the first DS

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