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US supports Greece and Turkey with economic and military aid
USSR, UK, and US decide how to administer punishment to Germany
Allies bring unrelenting pressure on Japan until it surrenders. Korea will be free and independent.
Four people in PRC who are prosecuted after Deng Xiaoping takes power (includes Mao's wife)
Customs, culture, habits, and ideas; Cultural Revolution tries to end these.
University students who are followers of Mao
Result of Mao's Great Leap Forward combined with natural disasters and widespread famine
Mao's plan to industrialize an agrarian society very quickly that fails
Movement in which Rightists are persecuted by CCP
Mao asked intellectuals to help him improve the CCP, but it spiraled out of control
Ruling part of the PRC (People's Republic of China)
Founding father of the PRC, Great Leap Forward, and the Cultural Revolution
Japanese attack on American ships that pulls US into WWII
Mass murdering during the six week period after the Japanese capture of Nanjing, former capital of China.
Japanese event staged in Manchuria and accused Chinese of so that a full-scale invasion of Manchuria could take place.
Organic idea of state and nation developed by Kim Il Sung.
Overthrew the first republic of South Korea under Syngman Rhee
Wants to industrialize Korea quickly
South Korean President from 92 to 97; rid military of politics
Takes South Korea by coup in 1961
Kiim Il Sung's ideology for Korea to replace Marxism and Leninism
Takes power in North Korea thanks to Soviets in 1946
First President of South Korea; backed by US
Openness to foreign investments from 1980-1984
Series of economice developments outlined by CCP in the 1980s
Represents the Five Year Plan in PRC
Leader of PRC but is removed in 1987 and is replaced by Deng Xiaoping
Secretary general of CCP under Mao; eventually takes lead role
Wei Jingsheng calls for democracy to be added to the Four Modernizations
Long wall on Xidan street in Beijing; basically a free speech wall
Wrote the Fifth Modernization
Stated by Deng Xiaoping, they are the four issues that aren't debatable in the PRC
Staged a demonstration in Tiananmen in 1989
Succeeded Jiang Zeming as Party Secretary General
Wins '87 Korean Presidency; restores Democratic Presidency
Japanese emperor from 1926-1989
Goals set up Zhou Enlai in 1963:Agriculture, Industry, National Defense, and Science
Founding father of Republican China; philosophy was the Three Principles of the People

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