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In 1596 the Commonwealth of Poland moved its capital from Krakow to this cityGeography
Created hit song 'Low Rider' in 1975Entertainment
The art of combat that destroys all civilian and military resources in order to obtain a complete victoryScience
Name to Union General Sherman's use of Answer 3 that concluded at Savannah, GeorgiaHistory
Mitchell Margaret's classic that takes place during answer fourLiterature
Miami and Carolina nickname that may cause answer fiveSports
Eastern Hemiphere's word for answer sixLanguage
Disney's popular water park in Orlando, FLJust For Fun
When faced with something like answer eight he ended up in the stomach of a fishReligion
Answer nine helped turn Sylvester Stallone into this Boxing phenomenonMovies
Show that featured an animated crime-fighting squirrel and moose duoTelevision
A horrific broadway hit usually associated with a pair of lipsMusic
Genre of game where players must face terror supplied with limited amounts of ammunitionGaming
Term coined by Herbert Spencer after Charles Darwin's 'Natural Selection' Miscellaneous
Relatives do not have to worry about answer 14 when celebrating this feastHoliday

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